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Thursday 14 November
‘101 Facts about Lodsworth’
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Lodsworth wedding 100 years ago

Can anyone identify any of the people in this photograph of the guests at a Lodsworth wedding in 1919?

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A competition for everyone
101 Facts about Lodsworth’
Mock-up of planned publication

We recently found a surprisingly interesting little book entitled ‘100 facts about Harlech’, the small town with the castle in North Wales. We decided to copy the idea!

We plan to publish a little book this autumn with interesting, unusual and amusing facts and tales about our parish of Lodsworth. The ‘facts’ will cover history, places, people, events, strange occupations, sports, societies, famous artists, unusual nicknames and much more. Each ‘fact’ will have a short one or two paragraph description and, where possible, an illustration.

101 Facts about Lodsworth’ will be on sale in Lodsworth Larder and should be of particular interest to newcomers and visitors to Lodsworth, and we expect that even long-term residents will learn something from it!

We need your help! Rather than researching and writing this ourselves, we will be running a competition with prizes. The competition is open to everyone of all ages. Do some research; write a paragraph or two; if possible, add a photo or other illustration; and send it to us. We hope to publish all entries and add a few ourselves. Two prizes will be awarded – one for under 16 year olds and one for over 16s. If you need some ideas about possible topics, we have jotted down over 50 without too much effort and can let you have a copy. Entries should be submitted by 1 July 2019.

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The Society wins Best Website of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce that LHS is the proud winner of the ‘Best Website’ category of the prestigious annual awards from the Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG).  An extract from their press release follows:

“The Lodsworth website stood out for its all-round design, accessibility and quality. It is evident that a lot of thought has gone in to using easily-available templates and functionality, with clear links to the society’s research into local history and encouraging local residents to take an interest. Events pages are kept well up to date and the whole site contains a real community feel.  While some websites focus on visual impact alone, the Lodsworth just seemed rooted in offering a quality experience.”

The awards were announced on July 11th at the CAHG annual conference held at University College, London.  The photograph shows Dr Nick Barratt, known for his presentation of the BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? who presented the award, with Ian Buckingham, the designer and creator of the website.

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