Lodsworth Stores in the 1950s

While visiting my mother’s grave (Hazel Bowers), I had a pleasant chat with Mrs Tree and she mentioned the Heritage Society.

My family owned Lodsworth Stores during the 50s. Born in 1955, I lived at Primrose Cottage up to the age of three.   I do have an image of the stores and a few family images. Please let me have an email and it would be a pleasure to forward the images.

Best regards
Nick Bowers

Sarah Fo(a)rd of Petworth & Lodsworth

Re: Sarah Fo(a)rd, born in 1800 in Petworth and buried on 29/06/1894 in Lodsworth aged 94 years.

Please could you advise if any monumental inscriptions exist? I have visited the churchyard previously and did not manage to locate the grave.

Her sister Mary Ann Fo(a)rd was born in 1802 in Petworth and died on 13/12/1871. Death was due to bronchitis and shock caused by spirit of turpentine administered in error by sister Sarah! This was reported in a local paper. An inquest was held at The Hollist Arms.

Neither sister had married and in 1851 they were both living in Lodsworth. Mary was buried at Tillington with her parents, Richard Ford who had married Sarah Pratt in 1793.  Sarah left £3144 5s 8d in her will – probate to Alfred Holt and Eliza Dearling.

I am possibly related via Richard Ford who may have married Mary Boxall whilst still married to Sarah. I hope this small amount of information may be of interest and  I would like to locate Sarah’s grave if at all possible.

Many thanks
Lesley Fairman

Elsie Knocker, a nurse in WW1

Hello, my name is Stuart Witts, I am a member of The Western Front Association (Wiltshire branch).

I attended a lecture on the Angels of Pervyse in November 2014. Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm were both nurses at Pervyse, Belgium during WW1. I was fortunate to visit cellar house 1 in Pervyse last November, the owner of the house had a post card of the Hollist Arms pub, Lodsworth. I am lead to believe Elsie Knocker had a connection to this pub. I am not too sure if it was before  or after the Great War.

Should you have any information on this story, I would be very keen indeed to hear from you. I do have photos of the cellar in the house at Pervyse that they used as a First Aid station.

Further information the story on the ‘Angels of Pervyse’ can be found on this link www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-28609597

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Stuart Witts

Anne Felicity Hammick (1919-2006)

I have written a book of remembrance for Walhampton School including the biography of Roger Alexander Hammick who died in WW2 (tragically in a motorcar accident in Singapore, just after the Japanese surrendered).  His sister was Anne Felicity and his father was Admiral A.R. Hammick, both of the parish.

I wondered whether anybody there knew of the family and might tell me anything about them.  I know a fair amount, such as Admiral Hammick commanded HMS Sussex and Anne was in the Wrens, but you never know where these enquiries lead.

I should mention I am in touch with some of the family and am authorised in this endeavour (Sir Jeremy Hammick and his cousin Murray).

Yours, in historical curiosity,
Tom Pearson-Chisman

The Tilley family – Transported convicts from Lodsworth

Hi from Australia. I am “doing” the family tree and have a branch of “Tilley”  that came from Lodsworth. Quite a large family, that apparently were not quite on the correct side of the law.

Edward and John Tilley, both from Lodsworth, came out here in 1824 as convicts.  John went back later on and died in England.

I was wondering  about the family then. I understand there was  another family related also from Lodsworth –  “Boxall”.

I look forward to hearing from you anything about village life, etc.

Thank You Very Much

Debbie Van Corler from Australia.

George Thomas & George Henry Carver

George Thomas Carver was my great grandfather, my grandfather was George Henry Carver and my father was George William Edward Carver. I also have a photo of George Thomas Carver drinking a pint plus several more old photos.
Would love to hear from you
Susan Hunt ( Formally Susan Mary Carver)

Origin of ‘Leggatt Hill’

I have extracted the attached list of Leggatt burials in the 16th to 19th centuries from the Lodsworth St Peter’s burial register. I assume that Leggatt Hill was named after this family but it could of course be the other way round.

James Tree LHS

LEGATE Catheren 1626 Feb 11   weif of Robert
LEGATE Gillia 1621 Feb 26   weif of Edward Legate of Rudland in Selham pish buried at Lodsworth
LEGATE Joane 1617 Sep 27   dau of William of Selham buried at Selham
LEGATE Joane 1634 Feb 16   old Joane Legate the dumbe woman att Oke
LEGATE Robert 1620 Nov 24   the elder
LEGATT Alice 1591 Mar 24   wyf of Robert
LEGATT Austen 1560 May 30    
LEGATT Bridgett 1591 Aug 03   wyf of Edward
LEGATT Elenor 1587 Jan 11   wyf of Everet
LEGATT Joane 1582 Jan 14   dau of Robert
LEGATT Thomas 1579 Oct 22    
LEGATT Thomas 1584   12   son of Robert
LEGATT Mary 1752 Feb 10   wid
LEGGAT Joane 1684 Jan 24   was buried in woolen as appears by an affidavit
LEGGAT Robert 1664 Apr 06    
LEGGATT Edward 1611 Sep 01    
LEGGATT Edward 1670 Jun 18    
LEGGATT Elizabeth 1610 Jul 08   dau of Roberte
LEGGATT John 1663 Oct 05    
LEGGATT John 1710 Jun 03    
LEGGATT John 1736 Apr 13    
LEGGATT Margaret 1703 Feb 23    
LEGGATT Mary 1668 Jan 20   widdow
LEGGATT Robert 1672 Jul 15   son of Robert
LEGGATT Robert 1692 Mar 22    
LEGGATT Sarah 1691 Apr 15    
LEGGATT Sarah 1719 Nov 09   widow
LEGGATT Edward 1611 Sep 01    
LEGGATT John 1755 Dec 05   son of John
LEGGATT Catherine 1769 May 13   wife of John
LEGGATT John 1780 May 26   Gent
LEGGATT Lucy 1843 Apr 14    
LEGGATT Martha 1844 Sep 04 22y  
LEGGATT Ruth 1864 Oct 09    
LEGGATT William 1872 Dec 20 79y  

Farthing graves

I often lead walks through Lodsworth and pass the small private burial ground where several generations of the Farthing family are buried – I have searched various locations to find more information on the family and why they are buried there but to no avail – maybe someone can email me the answers.

Jenny Clark

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