Who’s who?

Our activities are planned and co-ordinated by a team, currently comprising:

Peter Beckingham
Tony Brooks
James Brooks Fisher – Architecture & Habitat
Ian Buckingham – Research, Website & Membership
Sally Hunt
Penny Olsen

Amanda Spence
James Tree – Chairman & Treasurer

Those currently or recently participating in research projects are:

Archaeological advisor – John Pyke
Oral history – John King, Maggie Benzimra, Steven Hook, Sally Hunt, Tish Kruger & James Tree
A visual record of Lodsworth in the early 21st century – Thomas Jackson, Alistair Proctor, Amanda Spence & Anne Summers
Historical articles from Outlook – Tony Brooks
St Peter’s graveyard project – Ian Buckingham assisted by Tony Brooks, James Brooks Fisher & Amanda Spence
Histories of occupations & businesses in Lodsworth – Ian Buckingham
Cataloging the material we are finding – Penny Olsen & Ian Buckingham

If you would like to participate in the Society’s activities, please contact one of us.

Exploring the history of our village