Farms & Nurseries

Records of farms in the parish exist from as early as 1327. Twenty six separate working farms and two nurseries have been identified so far. Some of these still operate as separate businesses but others have been amalgamated into larger units. Many of the farms were owned by the Cowdray or Mitford estates and some still are. The list may not be comprehensive.
Gentils Farm aka Mistresses FarmFernhurst Road, LickfoldNicholas Gentil (1327-1332), Henry Prust (1785-1793), Mrs Jane Archer (1859-1867), Alfred Pullen (1911), Samuel Weldon Myles (1927-1939), Austin Dobson (1938-1939)1,4,5,6,9,12
Hoewyck or Howick FarmFernhurst Road, LickfoldWilliam de Howic (1327-1332), Thomas Luff (1841), Charles Aylwin (1851), Thomas Tribe (1890-1922), George Edwards (1891-1899), Arthur Charles & Charles Samuel Wright (1903), E A Dobson (1929), Major Hugh Pollard (1933)1,3,4,5,12
Fitzlea FarmSelhamJohn Mills (1629-1636), William Sandham (1662-1662), Anthony Fielder (1763), William Euan (1780-1823), Walter Smith (1785), Thomas Brine (1895), James Bridger (1899), Thomas Scarle (1901), Joseph Waygood (1903), Francis J McBriarty (1939)4,5,9,11,12
Manor Farm aka Lodsworth FarmManor Farm LaneUnknown (C13 to 1703), John Leggatt (1703), James Sanders (1769), John Knight (1785), William Knight (1793-1862), Charles Hills (1871-1882), James Rolls (1887), James Rose (1890-1891), Mrs Eliza Rose (1899-1924), Harry & Janie Smallridge (1927-1963)4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12
Hurlands FarmSelham RoadWilliam Newman (1778), William Bridger (1785-1793), Thomas Dearling (1845-1878), Emma Dearling (1871), Mrs Mary Dearling (1874), Robert Bolling/Botting (1881), Robert Rotting (1887), Jas Carpenter (1890), Stephen Adams (1895-1899), Benjamin Challon (1895-1899), George Goble (1899-1911), William Perry (1899-1915), George Perry (1924-1927), Joseph Perham (1930-1934), Henry Nelson Bridger (1938), Killian & Meriel Konig (1939), Richard Hancock, John Hancock (-2016)4,5,6,9,10,12,18
Langham FarmLangham StablesJohn Knight (1785), George Mullons (1793), Harry Smallridge (1929)8,12,18
Moorland FarmGosden HeathJohn Capron (1785), Charles Hills (1841-1867), William Hills (1870-1871), Mrs Wm Hills (1874), William Duck (1878-1899), Frederick Austin Duck (1901-1915), Richard (Dick) Comber (1929-1939)4,5,6,7,8,12
River Park FarmLodsworth CommonJohn Tribe (1785-1793), Henry Older (1785-1793), James John Pronger (1874-1878)5,12
Leggatt Hill FarmLeggatt HillBarker, Cecil Barnes, Stan Gibbons, Henry Road (1793), John Naldrett Farhall (1837), John Edwards (1871-1887), William Bridger (1890-1907), Henry Boxall (1895), Charles Hedger (1899-1918), Emily Bridger (1909-1918), John Frank Cox (1922-1939)4,5,8,9,12,18
South Heath FarmSelhamWilliam Hills (1793), William Hills (1891-1895), Emma Hills (1899-1903), Edwin Hills (1901-1939)4,5,8,12
Heath End FarmHeath End LaneThomas Tipper (1836-1839), Henry Hurst (1870-1895), William Bridger (Junior) (1899), James Bridger (1901-1937), Mrs J Bridger (1937-1938), Lionel J Bridger (1939)4,5,8,9,10
Collyers FarmLickfoldJames Clark or Clarke (1841-1878), George Read (1909-1934)4,5,6,8
Chandlers FarmJohn W Clue (1851-1862)4,5
Cobdens Farm aka Lickfold FarmLickfoldJohn Cresswell (1851-1890), Willoughby Cresswell (1890-1901), James Randall (1895-1909), Richard Warren Smallridge (1922-1924), Frederick James Rowland (1927-1939), Les Anstey (1971)4,5,6,7.9,17,18
Vining FarmUpper Vining, Trusslers HeathGeorge Goble (1851-1861)4
Fern Bank NurseryThe StreetThomas & James Rogers (1865-1906), Charles H Lucas (1906-1932), Frederick Tooth (1915-1924), Clem & Margery Morley (1932-1950)4,5,6,9,17,18
Gentilshurst Farm aka Gentles FarmFernhurst LaneWilliam Ayling (1881-1887)4,5,12
Redlands FarmSmithbrookGeorge Chandler (1881-1891), George Chandler (Junior) (1895-1927), Rowland Chandler (1929-1948), Peter Chandler (1948-1992), Paul Stephen Chandler (1992-)4,5,8,18
Slong FarmLickfoldJohn Francis (1881)4
Redens FarmLodsworth CommonRobert Budd (1882-1895), Edmund Kingshott (1899-1924), William Kingshott (1901), H Smallridge (1929)4,5,8
Gunters FarmHighstead Lane & Bexley HillJohn Spooner (1887), Mrs Mary Spooner (1899-1909), Mrs Ester Spooner (1924-1934)5
Snapelands FarmLodsworth CommonHenry Spooner (1891-1922), Arthur Woodrow (1929), Frederick James Rowland (1934), Richard Comber (1938), Mrs A A Jones (1938)4,5,8,12
Barnetts Mill FarmSelhamHy Alfred Cox (1895-1899), Charles Todman Harding (1911), R W Burt (1929), William Lidbetter (1939)4,5,8,9
Shotters Farm aka Lickfold Green FarmLickfoldGeorge Robert Humphrey (1907-1911), George Chandler (1940-1952)4,12,18
The NurseriesChurch LaneJohn Hall (1907-1913), Robert & Marie Budd (1927-1930)5,17
Selham Manor FarmSelhamRoger Coomber, Frank A Smith (1922-1944)5,9,18
Woolhurst FarmGills LaneJames Bridger (1924-1937), Mrs J Bridger (1937-1938), L J Bridger (1960-1961)5,8,12
Keets Cherry OrchardLeggatt HillRowland Chandler (1939)9,18
* Sources The following data from the 1877 Agricultural Census has been provided by the University of Essex. It provides an indication of the produce of these Lodsworth farms and nurseries.
Barley or bere185
Turnips and swedes204
Vetches or tares11
Other green crops 3
Bare fallow or ploughed land27
Grasses for hay this year132
Grasses not for hay this year29
Permanent grass for hay this year221
Permanent grass not for hay this year245
Nursery gardens2
Horses for agriculture70
Unbroken horses11
Horse-mares for breeding4
Cows in milk or in calf88
Other cattle aged over two35
Other cattle aged under two83