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The Lodsworth Community Archive and Study Centre is open for visits

The Lodsworth Community Archive & Study Centre, within the village hall, provides safe storage of all our historic documents, photographs, postcards, newspaper cuttings etc, plus those of other Lodsworth organisations and clubs who wish to participate. All parishioners and others wishing to research the history of the parish are welcome by arrangement.

We are continuing to update our catalogue of the items in the archive. Search the summary catalogue below by typing a name, place or event into the search box:

0001Iron Age and Roman Quern Production at Lodsworth, West SussexReprint from The Antiquaries Journal 1987 Volume LXVII Part ID P S Peacock FSABox 5
0002The Old BrickyardMemories of living in The Old Brickyard, Lodsworth CommonMolly BentallBox 5
0003Lodsworth Chess ClubA framed photograph of R B Carter presenting the Everett Cup to J Rogers in 1933. Picture includes seven other unnamed members1933Box 24
0004Lodsworth Chess Club – Winners McArthur Cup 1920-1921Lodsworth Chess Club, ‘Winners of McArthur Cup 1920-1921’. Framed photograph of 11 named member. George Garland1920 – 1921Box 24
001Outlook magazineCopies of the Lodsworth village magazine from 1974Outlook team1974 – currentOpen shelf
0005Lodsworth – The Story of an English VillagePublished in 1995 by Weald & Downland MuseumMartyn Hepworth & A E MarshallUp to 1970sBox 1 & open shelf
002Lodsworth’s former village hallCollection of C.S.Barnes’s documents relating to the former village hallVarious
003St Peter’s WellCopies of deeds, indenture, conveyance, sales brochure & history pertaining to the house St Peter’s WellVarious1980sBox 17
0006Anthony Hollist’s wedding to Miss Barker of Cocking RectoryArticle in St Peter’s Lodsworth & St James Selham Church Monthly 1902Unknown1902Box 6
0007Chimney corner & polished iron fire dogs at The Hollist ArmsCopy of a sketch measuring 31 x 24.5 cm
Cecil AldinUnknownBox 18
0008Inventory of the Hollist Arms in 1842Inventory of “The Hollist Arms belonging to Mrs Elizabeth Gill” appraised by George Peat of Midhurst dated 18 October 1842Unknown1842Box 18
004Visual record of Lodsworth in the early 21st centuryCollection of photographs of Lodsworth residents with their families and pets in front of their propertiesHayward/ Jackson/ Proctor/ Summers2012
0009History of Collyers FarmResults of commissioned research by historical buildings researcherAnnabelle F Hughes MA DPhilContributor
0010Harvest at Lodsworth FarmHelen E Hinckley1949Box 19
0011Lickfold Cottage, Lodsworth‘Historic houses of Sussex No. 62’ in Sussex County Magazine Vol.6 1932 pg. 690Viscountess Wolseley1932Box 17
0012Lodsworth former village hall bookingsPocket book with details of bookings and paymentsVarious1981-1986Box 20
0013Leggat Hill Farm, Ludgate (Little Leggat-Hill) & Stones (Stone Land) Notice of sale of Leggat Hill Farm (Lot 1), Ludgate (Lot 2), Stones (Lot 3) by auction at the Spread Eagle Inn in 17981798Box 17
0014Proposed New Village HallParish referendum backs new Village Hall at recreation ground siteJane Hunt1997Box 23
0015Midhurst to Pulborough Railway LineContinuing decay of the Midhurst to Pulborough railway lineTBW1963Box 1
005RedensCollection of 3 mounted photographs of the house and various outbuildingsUnknownc 1900Box 17
006OutlookPast copies of OutlookDropbox
0020016Lodsworth former village hallTyped notes about Lodsworth Village Hall C H Barnes1927-1977Box 20
0020017Lodsworth former village hallHandwritten draft notes for document 0016C H Barnes1927-1977Box 20
0020018History of Lodsworth former village hallHandwritten notes on history of Lodsworth Village HallC H Barnes1921-1976Box 20
0020019Officers of Lodsworth former village hall CommitteeHandwritten list of names of officers of the CommitteeC H Barnes1923-1985Box 20
0020020Lodsworth local history exhibitionPoster for local history exhibition in Lodsworth Village HallUnknownUnknownBox 1
0020021Lodsworth former village hallQueen Praises Lodsworth : Golden Jubilee of HallUnknown1977Box 20
0020022Lodsworth former village hallNear closure of HallUnknownUnknownBox 20
0020023Lodsworth former village hallParish Council meeting discussing taking responsibility for the maintenance costs of the HallUnknownUnknownBox 20
007Rules of Lodsworth former village hallThree versions of “Rules” of Village HallUnknownUnknownBox 20
008Lodsworth former village hall hire chargesHire charges Unknown1950-1983Box 20
0020024Lodsworth former village hall clockLetter from T Brooks about repairs to the clock donated by Mrs Matthew Lawrence 1943/73?T Brooks1984Box 20
009Lodsworth former village hallBound original Appeal, Subscriptions and Minutes of the Building Fund CommitteeVarious1923-1927Box 20
0020025Lodsworth former village hallOriginal handwritten “Terms Sanctioned and Approved by the Charity Commission”Unknown1923Box 20
0020026Lodsworth former village hallMemo to Major Harding Newman from Cowdray Estate Office requesting alterations to the appearance of the proposed Village HallCowdray Estate Office1926Box 20
0020027Proposed Lodsworth former village hallLetter to Chairman of VH Committee from Harold Pearson, Cowdray Park offering £100 this year towards the cost of the proposed VH and probably another £100 next year.Harold Pearson1926Box 20
0020028Proposed Lodsworth former village hallLetter from Chairman VH Committee to the Hon Harold Pearson concerning revised tender of £1,050 from J Hurst for constructing the new buildingChairman, VH Committee1926Box 20
0020029Proposed Village HallHandwritten proposal from Lieut Col Hollist for the purchase of a plot of land for the VH building at a cost of £200 per acre. Lieut Col Hollist (?)1923Box 20
010Lodsworth Reading RoomFive letters and a petition (objecting) concerning the sale of Lodsworth Reading Room Various1926Box 17
0020030County library use of Lodsworth former village hall Letter from WSCC to the VHC about the terms upon which the County Library may use the VHCounty Librarian1951Box 20
0020031Lodsworth former village hall kitchenLetter from Mrs Susan Barnes to the VHC about a contribution for modernising the Hall kitchen. Susan Barnes1967Box 20
0020032Lodsworth former village hallA brief account of the operation of the VH and an Appeal to parishioners to join as Friends of the VH and make annual contributions to assist in the cost of maintaining the Hall. Variousc.1958Box 20
0020033Lodsworth former village hall and The Reading RoomExtracts from Lodsworth PC records concerning the VH and The Reading RoomJ W S Corbett (Clerk)1976Box 20
0020034Lodsworth former village hallPrinted Building Fund Balance Sheet and handwritten draftH R Moseley and J Randall 1927Box 20
011Lodsworth former village hallThree letters to/from WSCC concerning tenancy of the VH as a Library CentreC F Newell, and Clerk of the CC1951Box 20
012Lodsworth former village hallFive letters from WSCC and Midhurst RDC about the use of the VH as a Polling StationVarious1951-1955Box 20
013Lodsworth former village hall hire chargesFour separate schedules of Hall hire charges Unknown1960 & unknownBox 20
014Lodsworth former village hall fire insuranceTen letters to/from the North British and Mercantile Assurance Co Ltd about fire insurance Various1935-1955Box 20
015Performing Rights licence for Lodsworth former village hallThirteen letters about the licence to use/play Gramophone records for public entertainment from The Performing Right Society Ltd and Phonographic Performance LtdVariousBox 20
016Cinematographic performances at Lodsworth former village hall8 letters to/from various organisations about cinematographic performances Various1955-1956Box 20
017Lodsworth former village hall theatre licenceThree letters about the application for and renewal of the Village Hall Theatrical LicenceVarious1956-1960Box 20
018Lodsworth former village hallEleven letters from Sussex Rural Community Council about Performing Right Society licensing for village Halls and Cinematograph regulationsVarious1941-1961Box 20
019Lodsworth former village hallTwo letters from Danceland Records about recordings availableC St J Murphy1949Box 20
0020035Lodsworth former village hallCertificate of Exemption from Entertainment Duty from Collector of Customs and Excise Commissioner for C & E1948Box 20
0020036Lodsworth former village hall theatre licenceCounty of West Sx Magistrates Court granting to C H Barnes a theatre licence for one year to use the VH as a place for performing stage plays.Midhurst Petty Sessions1964Box 20
020Stoolball Club conduct in Lodsworth former village hallFour letters about the conduct of the Stoolball Club at a recent dance and a report regarding future dancesC H Barnes, L N Clark, G Stocker1961-1962Box 20
0020037Lodsworth former village hallAnalysis of receipts and expenditure in the running of the VHUnknown1950-1957Box 20
021Notice board for Lodsworth former village hallQuotations for the supply of a new notice board and acceptance James Morley: Bayley Bros1960Box 20
022Lodsworth former village hallTwo estimates for works to the VHBayley Bros1961-1963Box 20
0020038Lodsworth former village hallNames of Committee MembersUnknown1960Box 20
0020039Lodsworth former village hallLetter from WSCC terminating use of VH as a LibraryClerk to the CC1962Box 20
0020040Lodsworth former village hallTariff and conditions of hire for use of the VHUnknownunknownBox 20
0020041Lodsworth former village hall rules & hire chargesAmendments to Lodsworth Memorial VH rules; revised hire chargesUnknown1933-1955Box 20
023Lodsworth former village hall correspondence with Charity CommissionHandwritten draft of rules for Lodsworth Memorial VH and comments on these from the Charity Commission: letters from the Charity Commission about the conveyancing of land and the sale of the Reading RoomUnknown1925Box 20
0042Lodsworth Working Men’s ClubHandwritten copy of Rules passedMr L Hand1949Box 24
0043Billiards tableRules passed at a Committee meeting.W Burchell1909Box 20
024Lodsworth Memorial Village HallSix documents about the rules for Lodsworth Memorial VHUnknown1925-1929?Box 20
025Lodsworth Reading Room (Charity)Charity Commission “Order” issued to Lodsworth PC for use of Reading Room for reading and recreation by the men of the Parish
Charity Commission “Orders” (authority) to the Trustees to sell the Reading Room for not less than £350
Account for sale of Reading Room to John Randall
Secretary, Charity Commission1921-1926Box 17
0044Lodsworth Congregational ChapelCharity Commission letter “Notice of a Proposed Order of the Board” to Lodsworth PC for publicationSecretary, Charity Commission1936Box 8
0045Issue of Ration BookTwo letters from the Ministry of Food about the 1952 Ration Book issueThe Food Office, Chichester1951-1952Box 1
026Lodsworth former village hallLodsworth Memorial VH and LVH: 20 documents/schedules of charges/tariffs for hire of Hall.Various/Unknown1948-1991Box 20
027Lodsworth former village hall22 letters from various organisations applying to book the VHVarious1979-1980Box 20
0046Friends of the Village HallNames of subscribers following an Appeal launched for voluntary annual subscriptions promised to be paid to supplement income received to ensure the upkeep of the VHC H Barnes1959Box 20
0047Lodsworth former village hall as a ‘Rest Centre’WSCC Emergency Homeless Plan – LVH as a Rest Centre: “Preparing a School as a Rest Centre”Unknown1966/7Box 20
0048Outlook8 pages of Local InformationUnknown1982 & 1991Box 20
028Lodsworth former village hallA further parcel of about 25 documents/letters about the use and administration of the VH.Various1934-1964Box 20
029Lodsworth former village hallA collection of about 85 (unsorted) documents/letters/estimates (electrical works): Summer/autumn Fetes 1965, 1974, 1979: income and expenditure 1976/7, 1977/8, 1978/9: Minutes of Hall Committee 1978 and 1980: Women’s Institute: Fire Protection: Lotteries and Gaming: Food Regulations 1955: Bridge Club: VH improvements.Various1935-1997Box 20
030St Peter’s Church, LodsworthA collection of seventeen photographs (coloured and b/w) including St Nicholas Chapel and the new South entrance porch/window before and after the worksVarious1968Box 8
031St Peter’s Church, LodsworthSt Nicholas Chapel window: detailed notes about the remodelling of the Chapel, its South facing window and its furnishings.Unknown1967/8: 1981Box 8
0050Parish Church of St Peter, LodsworthService sheet for the “Hallowing of the new entrance and St Nicholas Chapel” carried out by the Bishop of ChichesterUnknown1968Box 8
0049St Peter’s Church, LodsworthCopy of a “painting of window in Lodsworth Church put in by Hasler Hollist on the occasion of his son coming of age”UnknownunknownBox 8
032St Peter’s Church, LodsworthChurch News and notes and three copies of Historical Notes about the Church: two copies of some notes about the stained glass window South porch dedicated to St Nicholas.Various1969Box 8
0051Lodsworth RecipesCounty Recipes from Lodsworth. Produced by St Peter’s Church Cookery Book CommitteeThe Ladies of Lodsworth1981Box 24
0052Bill AylingAn article from the Daily Express newspaper about Bill Ayling – village newsagent and remarkable newspaper deliverer to the villages of Northchapel, Lurgashall, Lodsworth and LickfoldStaff reporter1964Box 9
0053Edward ScottA front page article from the Daily Telegraph newspaper about traitor Guy Burgess (of Burgess and Philby) and Edward Scott who lived in Lodsworth at the time of the article.Brian Silk1981Box 6
0054Lodsworth Shoe RepairerAn article from The West Sussex Gazette and South of England Advertiser about Alec Rogers – shoemaker, who lived at Church Cottage, previously known as the Old Post OfficePhoebe Somers1977Box 19
0055Lodsworth Seniors ClubA photograph from The Observer showing the Lodsworth Seniors Club taking tea at their annual Garden Party at EwersUnknown1974Box 24
0056The Excavation of a Motte at Lodsbridge Mill, LodsworthHolden, E.W. (1967) ‘The excavation of a Motte at Lodsworth Mill, Lodsworth’, Sussex Archaeological Collections Volume 105, Sussex Archaeological SocietyE W Holden1967Box 6
0057The Swastika over BritainGage, W.J. (1945) ‘The Swastika over Britain, featuring Kingdom House, Petworth and strange goings on there’, John Bull pp.7-9William J Gage1945Box 1
033Survey of Chandlers Cottage (now called Rushen)A set of five drawings showing the construction (timber framing etc.) of the house and a four page detailed description/survey of the houseMartin Underwood1976-1978Box 17
034Old mapsA4 size coloured gloss copies of maps/landholdings of three farms: Snapelands Farm, Woolhurst Farm, Leggate Hill FarmUnknownUnknownBox 17
0058Deposit of Lodsworth Records at WSROLetter to Rev W D Dinnis from West Sussex Record Office acknowledging a further batch of Lodsworth records handed over by Mr Marshall. Thanks also for the Selham records included.Patricia Gill1975Box 1
0059Mrs E D Constant decd. Letter to the Rev W D Dinnis from Swann, Evans & Randall, Solicitors of Heathfield concerning E D Constant decd and a memorial tabletAdair Swann1972Box 6
0060Marriage between Edward Hazeldine and Cecelia HurlstoneApplication for Banns of Marriage between Edward Hazeldine and Cecelia HurlstoneRev W D Dinnis1977Box 6
0061Clearance of St Peter’s, Lodsworth churchyards27 pages of typed and handwritten notes of names, location and description of graves in the churchyard probably prepared during the clearing of mounds and footstonesVariousVariousBox 11
0062Lodsworth Parish ChurchCopy of a letter and notes about St Nicholas and St Nicholas Chapel from A E Buss of London – designer of the south porch Chrystalcrete window (Also see Outlook April 1968) to E O Purser – F R Steele and Partners, ArchitectsA E Buss1968Box 8
0063Lodsworth and Selham ChurchesHandwritten notes on Lodsworth and Selham Church silver “by a woman sent by the Diocese to examine it”Rev Dudley Dinnisc.1975Box 8
0064Lodsworth Parish ChurchLetter from Reginald Steele and Partners (Architects) to the Rev Dudley Dinnis and his reply concerning a suitable space in the churchyard for disposal of cremated remainsE O Purser and Dudley Dinnis1976Box 11
035Photos of Lodsworth houses & buildingsA large collection, in two bundles, or b/w photographs – mainly of the houses and buildings in Lodsworth and surrounding areasBrian KingshottunknownBox 17
0065To the men of LodsworthReport of welcome home event for local men who had returned from serving in WW1 c.1918Box 2
0066Vicar turns builder at LickfoldReport on renovation of St Hilda’s chapel, Lickfold by the vicar and local people 1947Box 8
0067Otter hunting at Selham6 photographs of otter hunting in SelhamUnknownc.1912Box 2
0068Lodsworth PlayersPhotograph of 12 performers on stage – names on reverseGarland1953Box 16
036Lodsworth Football ClubFour notebooks of Lodsworth Football Club records: 1937-40, 1952-69,1974-77,1978-80Various1937-1980Box 13
0070Lodsworth Football ClubRegister of football club players and vice presidentsVarious1967-1968Box 13
0069Lodsworth Football ClubTwo football club Minute Books of Committee meetingsVarious1984-1989Box 13
0071The Dennett FamilyLetter from (Len) Mullens W Harrison (Quarry Dene Farm, Merstham) to R (Dick) Coomber attaching collection of notes about Dennetts of Lodsworth and a Harrison Family poem Mullens & Richard Harrison1962 & 1957Box 6
0072Memories of Joan Mills nee GodberMemories of her childhood in Lodsworth 1918 – 1928 and a photograph dated 1922Joan Mills (Godber)1918-1928Box 6
037The Kingshott familyAn account of life of Kingshott family in Lodsworth parish and a certificate in Anti-Gas Training awarded to William Kingshott by British Red Cross Society in 1939Brian Kingshott1908-2012Box 6
0610073Service of thanksgiving for Phyllis ToothService of Thanksgiving at St Peter’s Church Lodsworth for the life of Phyllis Joan Tooth and a copy of the address given by her son, PetePeter Tooth and family2010Box 6
0610074Alexander ‘Sandy’ StorrarService of Thanksgiving at St Peter’s Church, Lodsworth for the life of Alexander Storrar and his CVStorrar family2010Box 6
0075Betty SimmondsPhoto-montage of Betty Simmonds’ Lodsworth friends presented to her on the occasion of her 90th birthday (14 May 2007)Gillian Johnson2007Box 6
038“My Mother 1874-1978 by her daughter Betty”Betty Simmonds’ memories of her mother and father, including copies of photographs and articles from local newspapersBetty Simmondsc 2010-2012Box 6
0076Lodsworth Women’s InstituteCutting from Southern Weekly newspaper featuring a scene from “Golden Harvest” performed at Lodsworth Village HallUnknown1953Box 24
0077Lodsworth Youth ClubTwo cuttings from the Midhurst & Petworth Observer featuring the Midhurst/Petworth area club officers and Lodsworth Youth Club annual meeting at Lodsworth Village HallUnknown1970 & 1974Box 24
039Lodsworth Lane House Playgroup and Sunday SchoolCollection of four photographs of children and their adult helpers. Two more photographs including Nativity Play and newspaper cuttings from the local Observer newspaperUnknown1985-1990Box 7
0078SnapelandsHouse and Garden magazine featuring (p31) Conversion of farmstead into a modern home for Humphrey and Elizabeth Tomalin: also front cover photographUnknown1964Box 17
0079Merry Olde ChristmasArticle from The Globe and Mail, Canada about life in Lodsworth and West SussexSarah Hampson2010Box 29
0080Lodsworth in 1912Details of who was living where in the parish in about the year 1912, from Outlook August & September 1977Harry Carver1912Box 6
0081Lodsworth in 1912Editorial; further thoughts and comments to supplement the articlespublished in Outlooks August/September 1977Outlook1912Box 6
0082Kelly’s DirectoryExtract from Kelly’s Directory of Sussex 1911 which includes a brief history and description of Lodsworth (and beyond) together with lists of private residences and businessesKelly’s Directory1911Box 1
040Lodsworth Cricket ClubTeam photograph c1975. Club fixture card for 1938. Score sheet of the Lodsworth innings v Grayswood August 8th 1959. Cutting from the local Observer newspaper 24th July 1970 with photograph of over-40s cricket teamUnknown1938-1975Box 12
0083The Studio, Church laneHistory of The Studio: copies of 4 pages of handwritten notes made in 1999Joan Corbett1907 onwardsBox 17
041Photographs of Lodsworth propertiesCollection of 12 negatives and 5 prints of photographs of various properties in Lodsworth and the High StreetUnknownUnknownBox 17
042Picture postcards of LodsworthSeven colour and b/w picture/photo postcards of Lodsworth scenes and one b/w card of Midhurst Angel HotelUnknownVariousPostcards & Box 4
043WWI and WWII Rolls of HonourA collection of war records and military details of all of the men remembered on the Rolls of Honour (WWI and WWII) memorials located in St Peter’s Church, LodsworthVarious1914-18 & 1939-45Box 6
0084Lodsworth schoolgirlsPhotograph of eight older girls entitled “Gypsy Dance with Jean in the black skirt”Unknown1937Box 7
044Morley Family and William MorleyPhotograph of the gravestone in St Peter’s Churchyard, Lodsworth in memory of James and Mary Morley and their son William Morley who lost his life in the Titanic disaster 19.4.1912
Copies and extracts from the 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses and various family (distant) recollections
Various1912-1936Box 6
0085Birkinshaw photographic archiveExtensive archive of photographs of Lodsworth parish taken by David Ashley Birkinshaw (1922-1988) together with a short biography of his life and achievementsDavid Ashley Birkinshaw1930-1950Box 2 & open shelf
045Lodsworth School Reunion 1999Copy of colour photo with names, together with press cutting from the Midhurst & Petworth ObserverJenny Mouland1999 & 2012Box 7
0086Surveys of timber framed buildings in LodsworthBrief research notes by Dr Annabelle Hughes, a historic buildings researcher,of: The Arms and other buildingsDr Annabelle HughesC15 & C16Box 17
0087James Alfred Carver Photocopy of Navy service record of James Alfred Carver (b. 26.5.1879 in Lodsworth) – National Archives ref. Chatham 186582The Navy1897-1919Box 46
0089Sussex Archaeological CollectionsSussex Archaeological Collections vol. 105 1976numeroussince earliest timesBox 5
0090Lodsworth Village SchoolA group photo of the children and their teachers and a photocopy of this with names addedUnknown1949Box 7
0091St Peter’s Church, LodsworthChurch Expenses, Collections, Sick and Poor Fund, Reading Room, School accounts, Clothing and Fuel Clubs, Mission Chapel Lickfold, Choir Fund, together with Government Inspector’s report and a Register of Baptisms, Marriages and BurialsUnknown1890-1893Box 8
0092Lodsworth Now and ThenCutting from the Midhurst & Petworth Observer with two photos of Lodsworth Now & ThenUnknown1993 & c.1900Box 2
0093Valuation List for the Parish of Lodsworth19 pages handwritten (in red ink) Valuation List at August 10th 1899Unknown1899Box 17
0094Ordnance Survey parishes map 6″ to one mileTrue copy of the Lodsworth, Fernhurst, Easebourne, Heyshott and Graffham parishes Sheet SU91NW (See also pencilled notes on reverse side)Ordnance Survey1971Box 2
0095Betty SimmondsWWII memories of Betty Simmonds from 10 pages of British Legion publication “They Also Served”
Betty Simmonds1911-1979Box 6
0096The Simmonds FamilyInvoice from Arding & Hobbs for the supply of furnishings and equipment for The Cottage, Lodsworth totalling £22:9:5 3/4 (3 farthings)Arding & HobbsBox 6
0097The Land of LodDescription of the area around the River Lod, written by John Rickman and published by Peggy Rickman in 1998John RickmanDomesday to 1998Open shelf
0098Poems On Several OccasionsPhotocopies of 34 pages of poems, subscribers names and “Some Remarks of the Author’s Life”Mary Collier1762Box 6
046St Peter’s Lodsworth and St James, SelhamChurch magazines with index of items of interest. Various1908-1920Box 8
047Ranulph Fiennes Transglobe Expedition Details of Ranulph Fiennes’ Transglobe Expedition and extracts from Outlook & Bowring Magazine Vol.28 No.2 Summer 1979Peter Bowring, Vivian Fuchs, Ran Fiennes, Outlook1979-1982Box 6
048The Marshall family in LodsworthBundle of historical documents written and collected by A E Marshall about Lodsworth and the Marshall family.A E Marshall1977-1983Box 6
049Church News of the Midhurst Rural DeaneryParcel of editions & cuttings from the Church News of the Midhurst Rural DeaneryVarious1923-1940Box 8
0100Public Rights of Way, Footpaths and BridlewaysOS maps and a certified statement by WSCC of numbered footpaths and bridleways in the parish of LodsworthT C Hayward Clerk of the County Council1952Box 1
050Proposed South Downs National Park Collection of papers relating to the planning process in creating the South Downs National ParkVarious2000-2002Box 1
051Recreation Ground and the Village Hall CommitteeCollection of papers relating to the Recreation Ground, byelaws, Lease Agreement between the VHC and the PC (May 2000)Various1964-2000Box 23
052“The Cowdray Contract”Collection of papers relating to the purchase of land from the Cowdray Trust adjacent to the Recreation Ground for construction of the new Village Hall building. numerous1997-1999Box 23
053Watersfield Developments Ltd – The former village hall siteBundle of correspondence about the development of the former village hall site, maintenance works at Farthings Burial Ground and the works at Bayley’s Yard Various2001-2002Box 20
054Parish Council Questionnaire and Action Plan Bundle of forms, letters in connection with the Lodsworth Parish Appraisal ProjectVarious2001-2002Box 9
055Lodsworth Parish Council deedsDeeds and papers about the purchase of land for the former village hall and the allotments. Records by the PROVarious1925-1985Box 9
056Lodsworth Map ProjectLetters about entry of the Map Project for the Sussex Heritage 2001 AwardsJohn King & John Fellows2001Box 1
057Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Small bundle of papers about Sir Evelyn’s 70th birthdaySeveral2001Box 6
058St Peter’s ChurchyardAssorted papers dealing with financial aspects and maintenance of the churchyardVarious1972-1980Box 11
0102Lodsworth Recreation Ground byelawsCopy of Byelaws at Lodsworth Recreation Ground and “Enforcement of Byelaws”Secretary of State1971Box 23
0103E H Shepard and his house, WoodmancoteIn glossy property magazine FINE Sussex and Surrey magazine Vol.5 pp.38-39Unknown2015Box 6
0590104St Peter’s Lodsworth children’s servicesPhotograph albums covering the children’s services and Sunday schoolAngela Morriss & others1966-1983Box 8
0590105St Peter’s Lodsworth children’s servicesSecond photograph album covering children’s services and Sunday schoolAngela Morriss & others1980-1983Box 8
0106Early history of OutlookThe birth and early history of Outlook which replaced The RotherVarious1963-1985Box 2
060Outlook source materialA large collection of source documents used as the basis of Outlook articlesNumerous1963-1970Box 2
0107WW2 invasion instructionsOriginal and transcription of invasion instructionsInvasion Committee1942Box 2
0108A courthouse with dungeonsProperty note about Lodsworth Manor HouseUnknown1974Box 17
0109Women’s Institute jam makingLodsworth Women’s Institute making jam in Lodsworth village hall during World War 2George Garland1943Box 24
0110Shove halfpenny in Hollist3 men playing shove halfpenny in HollistUnknownBox 18
0111Society is ready to delve into village’s historyReport of inaugural meeting of LHS, The Midhurst & Petworth Observer 2011Jenny Mouland2011Box 24
0112Lodsworth ’91 Grand Village FeteProgramme for Lodsworth’s feteUnknown1991Box 25
0113Stars taking part in village festivalReport of Lodsworth flower festival, concerts & poetry reading, with actresses Geraldine James, Caroline Langrishe, Sharon Maughan & Anna Carteret 1995Box 2
0114Recreation ground spectatorsJohn Bullen, George Tooth, Ted ? & Jimmy Baker spectating at Lodsworth recreation groundUnknownBox 23
0115Lodsworth Women’s InstitutePhotograph of WI celebration with iced cakeUnknown1960s?Box 24
0116Lodsworth Stoolball Club score bookUnknown1968-1969Box 14
0117Lodsworth Stoolball Club notebookNotebook of accounts, minutes and other notesVarious1952-59Box 14
0118Photo exhibition takes stoolball stars on trip down memory laneReport of diamond jubilee celebration of Lodsworth Stoolball ClubUnknown2012Box 14
0119Correspondence re former village hallSet of documents re charges, building work and repairs to former village hallVarious1950-1979Box 20
0120Architect’s sketch book/note bookSketchbook of architectural drawings about Ewers and other properties and notes on millenium map projectJohn Fellowes1990s-2000sBox 17
0121Historical building survey of EwersResearch into history of buildings which today comprise Ewers, Church LaneDr A.F.Hughes2016Box 17
0122Transcriptions of St Peter’s parish registers Part 1Transcriptions of christening, marriage & burial recordsA.E.Marshall1557-1736Box 10
0123Transcriptions of St Peter’s parish registers Part 2Transcriptions of christening, marriage & burial records and correlation with Bishop’s transcriptsA.E.Marshall1737-1812Box 10
0124Transcriptions of St Peter’s parish registers Part 3Transcriptions of christening (1813-1866), marriage (1813-1897) & burial (1813-1902) records and correlation with Bishop’s transcripts (1813-1852)A.E.Marshall1813-1902Box 10
0125St Peter’s parish registers surname indexSurname index and notes on discrepancies between the Bishop’s transcripts and registers (prepared in 1926) (2 copies)W.H.Challen1558-1736Box 10
0126St Peter’s burial registerCopy of microfiche of burial register1899-1942Box 10
0127St Peter’s burial registerCopy of microfiche and originals of burial register1943-2017Box 10
0128St Peter’s parish registers surname indexesSurname index to St Peter’s parish registers christenings, marriages & burials 1737-1812, marriages 1754-1802, 1803-1811 and 1813-1837Unknown1737-1837Box 10
0129Correspondence re transcription of parish registersCorrespondence with A.E.Marshall and notes re his transcriptions of parish registersVarious1986-1993Box 10
0130The monumental inscriptions of St Peter’s Church, LodsworthTranscriptions of MIs within the church and in the upper, middle and lower churchyards made by Marshall up to 1985 (2 copies)A.E.Marshallto 1985Box 11
0131Plans of St Peter’s church and churchyardsCopy of plans from LHS/0130A.E.Marshallto 1985Box 11
0132Plan of St Peter’s upper churchyard & listing of gravesOriginal & copy of plan of the upper churchyard with a list of the graves and their occupants J Steele1883Box 11
0133Plans of St Peter’s upper, middle & lower churchyardsPlans of St Peter’s upper (incomplete), middle (complete) & lower (complete and planned) churchyardsE.W.Thwaites1963Box 11
0134Clearance of St Peter’s, Lodsworth churchyardsCorrespondence concerning the clearance of the churchyards, with listing of mounds, kerbs and footstones, and a list of required marker stones for the lower churchyard1962-1963Box 11
0135Transcription of St Peter’s burial registerTranscription of complete burial register with dates of birth & death added where knownIan Buckingham1557-2017Open shelf & Dropbox
061Funeral & thanksgiving services of Lodsworth residentsCollection of printed programmes of funeral, thanksgiving & memorial services for past Lodsworth residentsBox 9
0610136Service of thanksgiving for Gerard Eccles McKeeProgramme of service at St Peter’s, LodsworthUnknown2013Box 6
0610137Funeral service for John Gilbert Maher-LoughnanProgramme of service at St Anthony & St George, DunctionUnknown2015Box 6
0610138Service of thanksgiving for Graham John HuntProgramme of service at St Peter’s, LodsworthUnknown2016Box 6
0610139Service of thanksgiving for Jane FieldProgramme of service at St Peter’s, LodsworthUnknown2016Box 6
0610140Service of thanksgiving for Kit KrugerProgramme of service at St Peter’s, LodsworthUnknown2017Box 6
0141Property deeds of land now occupied by Fir Trees & AltnaharrieProperty deeds of land now occupied by Fir Trees & probably AltnaharrieUnknownLate c17Box 17
0142Certificate for services rendered during WW2Copy of certificate presented to Herbert Gamlin in recognition of services rendered during WW2Lodsworth Welcome Home Fund1945Box 2
0143Water pump now sited outside The HollistDetails and photographs of Henry Bamford & Sons covered chain pump originally outside water pumping station and since 1999 outside The HollistJohn Bullen1870-1999Box 5
0144Minutes of allotment meetingsNote book containing signed minutes of allotment meetingsC.Holmes1950-1960Box 7
0145Unveiling of plaque to E.H.ShepardProgramme for ceremony unveiling commemorative plaque at Woodmancote to E.H.ShepardW.S.C.C.1998Box 7
0146Lodsworth Horticultural Society accounts bookHand written accounts book with itemised subscriptions, other income, expenditure, bank deposits etcUnknown1980-1998Box 15
0147Lodsworth Horticultural Society National Savings Bank bookClosed National Savings Bank account book of Lodsworth Horticultural Society D.J.Fogden1983-1989Box 15
0148Set of house historiesHand-written house histories of Rockery Cottage, 1,2, & 3 May Cottage, 1,2, & 3 Ivy Cottage and The Reading RoomPenny Olsen?-2002Box 17
0640149Sale particulars of WoodmancoteSale particulars of Woodmancote with exterior & interior photographs and floor plansJackson-Stops & Staff2002Box 17
0150List of buildings of special architectoral or historic interest in the rural district of MidhurstPrepared under Town and Country Planning Act 1947, section 30Department of the Environment1959Box 17
0151Outlook Local Information and Village PlanList of clubs & societies with chairmen and secretariesOutlook1989Box 24
0152Lodsworh tennis tournamentPhotograph of Mrs S.C.Barnes presenting trophy to winners of Lodsworth mixed doubles tournamentUnknown1958Box 28
0153Building survey report on The Old House, LodsworthBuilding survey report, photographs, sale particulars & covering letterAcorn Chartered Surveyors2007
0154Planning application for Fitzlea House SDNP/16/02414/HousPlanning application including extensive Heritage, Planning & Justification StatementRMA Heritage & Witcher Crawford2016Box 17
0155St Peter’s ChurchInternal photograph of St Peter’s ChurchUnknownc.1885Box 8
0156History of Chandlers, The StreetHistoric buildings survry of Chandlers (later Rushen), The StreetMartin Underwood1978Box 17
0157Writing on wall of Rushen, The StreetPhotograph and transcription of writing on internal wall of Rushen, The Street dating back to 1749Gerard McKee1749
0158Morris dancing outside HollistPostcard with bill hand-written on backSteven Morley2001Postcards
0159Exploits of ‘Sir Ran’ of LodsworthArticle from Midhurst & Petworth Observer reporting Ranulph Fiennes speaking at LHS eventJenny Mouland2014Box 6
0160Lodsworth Congregational ChapelDrawing and description of former Congregational Chapel, graveyard and Ms Farthing’s cottage on Trusslers HeathJack Osborn1982Box 8
0161Official opening of village archive and study centreArticle from Midhurst & Petworth Observer reporting LHS AGM and opening of community archive & study centreJenny Mouland2017Box 24
0162The Three Horseshoes, now Lickfold InnPostcard entitled ‘The Three Horseshoes, Lickfold’Unknown1908Postcards
0163‘The woman’s labour’Reprint of an epistle to Mr Stephen Duck and ‘The three wise sentences’Mary Collier1937Box 6
0164Cider in SussexCopy of article in Lucas, E.V. (1937) ‘ West Sussex Highways & Byways ‘ Macmillan & Co mentioning orchards and cider making in LodsworthE.V.Lucas1937Box 19
0165Als Helmut und Paul einst von einem Landerspiel traumten …Article with photographs n German in GN Journal about SV Suddendorf Samern – Lodsworth Football Club tournamentHolger Wilkens2016Box 13
0166Hollist ArmsSet of cuttings about history of Hollist Arms, its food, its proprietors including Sylvia Legg & Nicolas Kennard, barrel racesVarious1981-1992Box 18
0167Fencing at Redens, Lodsworth CommonCorrespondence, press cuttings etc about controversial fencing of part of Lodsworth CommonVarious1985Box 17
0168Relocation of W.L.West to LodsmillPress cuttings, press advertisement, notice of public meetings, correspondence regarding W.L.West’s proposal to relocate its business from Midhurst and Stedham to a single site at LodsmillVarious1984Box 19
0169Lodsworth Didtrict Nursing AssociationCorrespondence with Post Office Savings DepartmentVarious1954-1974Box 24
0170History of recreation groundDetailed hand-written notes of history of Lodsworth recreation groundUnknown1950-1972Box 23
0171Lodsworth court rollHand-written transcription of Lodsworth Court Roll written in LatinHasler Hollist1572-1592Box 1
0172Petworth Emigration Scheme‘The Petworth Emigration Scheme – A preliminary list of emigrants from Sussex and neighbouring counties in England to Upper Canada 1832-1837’Cameron, W. & Maude, M.McD.1832-1837Box 1
0173Voyage of emigration to Toronto CanadaNarrative of a voyage with a party of emigrants sent out from Sussex in 1834 by Petworth Emigration CommitteeBryone, J.M.1834 (reprinted 1987)Box 1
0174Lodsworth summer fete posterPoster advertising fete in grounds of Lodsworth HouseUnknown1975Box 25
0175Lodsworth fete programmeLodsworth fete programme and newspaper cutting featuring Anthony ValentineUnknown1979Box 25
0176Lodsworth Grand Village FetesFete programmes with extensive local advertisementsUnknown1992-1993Box 25
0177Successful flower show at LodsworthArticle, probably for publication, on 1970 flower show in former village hallC.H. Barnes1970Box 15
0178Notes about Lodsworth Village Hall 1927-1977Account of the history of the former village hallC.H. Barnes?1927-1977Box 20
0610179Funeral service for Ethel Gertrude StrattonProgramme of service at St Peter’s, Lodsworth and photo cardUnknown2003Box 6
0180Flower show entry formEnrty form for 1959 flower show at former village hallUnknown1959Box 15
0181Ancient Order of ForestersMembership list, news reports, brochures, etc including Lodsworth’s Pride of the Valley Court 3774 (male) and Beauty of the Hills Court 9553 (female) of the Ancient Order of ForestersVarious1862-Box 24
0182Lodsworth PlayersPhotographs of productionsUnknownBox 16
0183Churchyard regulations‘Chancellor’s General Directions 2016, Appendix II – Churchyard regulations’ published by Diocese of ChichesterThe Worshipful Mark Hill QC2016Box 11
0184Lodsworth Recreation Ground Committee – Book 1Terms of reference and minutes of meetingsVarious1947-1951Box 23
0185Lodsworth Recreation Ground Committee – Book 2Minutes of meetingsVarious1951-1953Box 23
0186Lodsworth Recreation Ground Committee – Book 3Minutes of meetingsVarious1953-1967Box 23
0187Lodsworth Recreation Ground Committee – Book 4Minutes of meetingsVarious1967-1980Box 23
0188Lodsworth Recreation Ground Committee – Book 5Minutes of meetings & Village Hall Committee meetings 1999Various1980-1999Box 23
0189Lodsworth Recreation GroundPotted history 1946 to 1964; fund raising appeal; rules and byelaws; sundry correspondence 1977 to 1981Various1946-1981Box 23
0190Lodsworth Recreation GroundMaps of various proposed developments included proposed water mainVarious1948-1950Box 23
0191Lodsworth Recreation GroundPlanning and correspondence with Ministry of Education and Sussex County Playing Fields Association regarding proposed recreation groundVarious1951-1969Box 23
0192Lodsworth Recreation GroundOpening of recreation ground and village feteVarious1953-1956Box 23
0193Lodsworth Recreation GroundSpecification dated 1966 and undated drawingsVarious1966Box 23
0194Lodsworth Recreation GroundStatements of accountsVarious1969-1984Box 23
0195Lodsworth Cricket Club – Folder 1AGMs, annual accounts, batting and bowling averages, dinner dance and raffle drawsVarious1965-1980Box 12
0196Lodsworth Cricket Club – Folder 2Press reports, presentation certificate, single wicket competition, Peacock Cup and Easebourne six-a-side rulesVarious1975-1979Box 12
0197And a Nightingale SangMemories of living in Snapelands during WW2Marianne Sells1939-1945Open shelf
0198A Midhurst Flying FieldStory of South Ambersham Naval Air StationTania Pons1941-1945Open shelf
0610199Funeral service for Thomas William NewellProgramme of service at St Peter’s, LodsworthNewell family2018Box 6
0610200Funeral service for Gillian Margaret JohnsonProgramme of service at St Richard’s, Burton Park, DunctonJohnson family2018Box 6
0610201Funeral service for Christopher de Lancy HerdonProgramme of service at St Anthony & St George, DunctonHerden family2018Box 6
062Postcards of LodsworthPostcards of Lickfold Inn, Leggatt Hill Farm, Smithbrook, The Street, village green, top of Church Lane, St Peter’s, Halfway Bridge, Lodsbridge Mill, Selham church & MidhurstVariousPostcards
063Lodsworth Players archiveComprehensive collection of programmes, photos and news cuttings of Lodsworth Players productionsVarious1955-2005Box 16
0610202Funeral service for Vera Daphne BakerProgramme of service at St Peter’s, LodsworthBaker family2019Box 6
064Property sales brochuresEstate agents’ sales brochures for properties in the parish: Arms, Church Cottage, The Garden Cottage, Leggatt Hill Farm, Little Gulls, Nightingale House, Rockery Cottage, Wispers, WoodmancoteVarious2002-2019Box 17
0203A London Child in SussexPersonal memories of evacuated clild in WW” including of The Studio School, Church Lane, LodsworthDavid Bloomfield1939-1946Box 17
0204A Midsummer Night’s DreamLodsworth School copy of ‘The Self-Study Shakespeare’William Shakespeare1926Box 7
0205Newly cast church bellsTwo newly cast church bells standing in St Peter’s churchyard prior to being raised to towerUnknown1966
0206Bayley childrenPhoto of Gladys, Joan & Fay BayleyUnknown1938
0207Joan Bayley weddingPhoto of Fay Bayley, Margaret Clear, ? Court, Morris Lillywhite, Stan Court (Groom), Joan Bayley (Bride) Bill Bayley, Sylvia Bayley & Gladys BayleyUnknown1949
0208Life in Lodsworth in the 1930s & 1940sNotes with numerous photos of talk given by Brian Kingshott at LHS event in 2012Brian Kingshott1920-1950
0209Goats at LodsworthSmall photo of goats in LodsworthUnknown1920s
0210Congregational Burial GroundA description of the burial ground and those interred thereUnknown – photos by I. Iden 1996Box 11
0211Retirement Presentation to Mr. George RidgwellPostman for 22 years. List of Contributors. Invoice from Bookbinder Maureen Duke.Unknown1966Box 6
0212St Peter’s Church, LodsworthDescriptive leaflet of Church. Photograph of part completed TapestryUnknownUnknownBox 8
0213A Display Card from King George V1Given to all school children to celebrate Victory WW11. Also showing important war datesGeorge V11946Box 7
0214Letter of Appeal re St Hilda’s ChapelTo prevent St. Hilda’s being transferred to the Parish of Lurgashall, plus accounts dated 1883William J Ayling1957 & 1883Box 8
0215Notes on Gosden’s HeathDispute regarding ‘Common Land’Unknown1899Box 17
0216Election of Parish CouncillorsDeclaration of result of PollReturning Officer1983Box 9
0217Corporal Punishment in SchoolsA study covering the late 19th to early 20th C.UnknownLate 19th/early 20th CenturyBox 7
0218Extracts from ‘Outlook’ concerning Miss Mildred ‘Little Betty’ SimmondsCovering aspects of her life through period 2010 – 2018. Including recollections from friends, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, her formal opening of Lodsworth Larder and ‘Little Betty’s’ clock Various2010 – 2018Box 6
0219West Sussex County Council – HousingHousing – Midhurst Rural District Council. proposed Village Development Scheme. ‘The Croft’?W.S.C.C.1949Box 17
0220W.S.C.C. Lodsworth SchoolLetter concerning closure date of Lodsworth SchoolW.S.C.C.1967Box 6
0221W.S.C.C. Recreation GroundLetter concerning amended site planW.S.C.C.1950Box 23
0222Village News – Midhurst ObserverNotice of death Mrs Alice Caroline Myrtle Phillips, with background detailsMidhurst Observer1973Box 6
0223Lodsworth WorkshopA weekly ‘get together’ of villagers for craft work or social purposesLodsworth Workshop1995Box 24
0224Boxall Family HistoryWith references to employment and residences.Boxall family1600s to 1959Box 6
0225Three Horse Shoes, LickfoldDetails of structure and interiorUnknownLate 16/early 17 CBox 18
0226New Village Hall AppealAppeal for Building fundsFund Raising Committee1997Box 23
0227Lodsworth Garage LtdAppeal to save the Garage from demolition to build 4 housesLodsworth GarageUndatedBox 17
0228Tythe Apportionment BookPhotocopy of 1841 Tythe Apportionment Book, West Sussex Record OfficeUnknown1841Box 17.
0229History of Lodsworth’ noteHand written list of memorable dates – i.e. Electricity laid on in Lodsworth 1952Unknown1950Box 2
0230Lodsworth Recreation Ground CommitteeHand written list of MembersUnknownUnknownBox 23
0231Formal Opening of Oakfield EstateProgramme of eventsLodsworth PC1951?Box 17
0232Extract from ‘The Rother’ (‘Midhurst Deanery News’)Typed note regarding the death of ‘Winkle’ Ayling and reference to St.Hilda’s ChapelUnknown1948Box 2
0233Auction Booklet, Freehold Building LandSale of land for eight buildings at ‘The Croft’ with mapJoint Auctioneers1976Box 17
0234British Railways LetterConfirming dates of closure of lines to Fittleworth, Selham, Midhurst & PetworthStation Manager, Pulborough1967Box 2
0235Formation of Tennis ClubWith references to other sports clubs and with Builders Estimate of cost of Tennis CourtCecil Barnes1963Box 28
0236Lodsworth Recreation Ground, Terms of referenceTerms suggested to and agreed by The Lodsworth PCLodsworth Recreation Ground CommitteeUnknownBox 23
0237Lodsworth fete posterColourful large poster for Grand Lodsworth FeteUnknown1957Box 25
0238Opening of new village hallOfficial opening ceremony by Lord NathanPeter Davies Chairman2000Box 23
0239Lodsworth Parish CouncilHand written list of Parish Councillors and lengths of serviceUnknownUnknownBox 2
0240Lodsworth Parish CouncilPublic meeting re planning application for conversion of Lodge Farm buildingsDudley Parvin Clerk to PC19??Box 2
0241A House in Lodsworth SussexA history of Lodsworth and the local area, written for the owners of the Great HouseAnn Laver1600-2008Open shelf
0242The Hollist Arms and Mrs. Sylvia LeggeDetails of the person and the pubUnknown1981Box 18
0243Coats of Arms of Sussex FamiliesThe Hollist FamilyJ.F.Huxford1970Box 18
0244The Old House, LodsworthA details description of the houseUnknown1970Box 17
0245Charcoal Production in Prickly NutwoodBen Law gains planning consent for cabinUnknown2001Box 17
0246Publication of Ben Law Book“The Woodland Way”, a lifetime of working with woodlandJudith TurnerUnknownBox 6
0247Lodsworth Medical SurgerySponsored Slim to raise funds for an examination couchUnknown1985Box 1
0248Oakfield house pricesEx Council House on market for £92,000Unknown1988Box 17
0249Lane House Play GroupReport on group activitiesunknown1985Box 7
0250TV Writer’s House FireKevin Laffan’s house extensively damagedUnknown1985Box 17
0251Lodsworth Parish CouncilCouncil ReportUnknownUnknownBox 9
0252Crackdown on planning lawLodsworth PC approaching Dept. of EnvironmentUnknown1985Box 9
0253Loss of Post OfficePossible sale of premises as private dwellingUnknownunknownBox 17
0254Charity run by Lodsworth milkmanPhilip Laurent ran for FitzroyElizabeth HomeUnknown1985Box 6
0255London marathon by Lodsworth milkmanPhilip Laurent and Lesley Reynolds to take partUnkown1986Box 6
0256Lodsworth milkman saves 90 year oldPhilip Laurent found lady collapsed and cold on doorstepUnknown1985Box 6
0257Village Police Constable dies in car crashPC Dennis O’Leary’s car collided with treeUnknown1981Box 6
0258Police Constable’s car crashPC O’Leary found to be over drink-drive limitUnknown1981Box 6
0259Lodsworth ChurchSt. Peters appeals for fundsUnknownunknownBox 8
0260Commercial vehicle operating licence rejectedThe Old School was saved when application was rejectedUnknown1985Box 17
0261House fire at Bexley HillMrs Betty Redding saves 85 year old neighbourUnknownUnknownBox 6
0262Lodsworth Seniors ClubAnne Hammick and Molly Ridley photographedUnknownUnknownBox 24
0263Lod Valley book signing“Land of Lod” by John Rickman publishedPeggy RickmanUnknownBox 2
0264“Lodsworth Remembered” ExhibitionExhibits provided by LodsworthiansUnknown1984Box 1
0265Lodsworth pram raceOrganised by The Hollist ArmsUnknown1985Box 18
0266Mr & Mrs Maurice WhittenDetailing their village involvementsUnknownUnknownBox 6
0267Children’s playground openingSue Barnes with mothers and childrenUnknown1998Box 23
0268Aerial photograph over LodsworthHigh over LodsworthUnknownunknownBox 17
0269Re-deveopment of village shopPlanning consent refused for two flatsUnknown1990Box 17
0270Lodsworth Cricket Club AGMAll elected officers namedUnknownUnknownBox 12
0271Hurricane damage in the South EastLocals interviewedUnknown1987Box 2
0272Film of LodsworthBernard Terry recording of life in the villageUnknown1985Box 2
0273Lodsworth village joggersComplete fun runUnknown1983Box 2
0274Lodsworth Fun Run185 take partUnknown1983Box 2
0275Lodsworth Fun Run223 take partUnknown1984Box 2
0276Parish Council planning applicationsGarage site and Old Bakehouse. All Councillors listedUnknown1987Box 17
0277Old Bakehouse Appeal refusedWhitehall supports Chichester refusalUnknownUnknownBox 17
0278Public enquiry re BakehouseHeated debate at Village Hall.UnknownUnknownBox 17
0279Garage site planning applicationAnger over delaysUnknownUnknownBox 17
0280Garage site planning applicationLurgashall joins in the fightUnknown1997Box 17
0281Garage site planning applicationVillage plans a massive campaignUnknownUnknownBox 17
0282Lodsworth mourns war victimHarold Chandler dies at 98UnknownUnknownBox 6
0283Egremont development challengedActress, Geraldine James, approaches PlannersRebecca Fowler, Julie Cohen UnknownBox 17
0284Garage site developmentLetter to ObserverKevin Laffan1990Box 17
0285Sculptor’s church commissionSally Hersh carves stone ‘Mother and Child’ for Haywards HeathUnknown1985Box 6
0286Lodsworth cottage fireEwers’ extensively damagedUnknown1991Box 17
0287Ethel Stratton 100th birthdayInterviewed at Barlavington ManorAnnabel Abbott2000Box 6
0288Lodsworth Parish Couvil ReportConcern over condition of St Peters WellUnknownUnknownBox 17
0289Sally Hersh carves large sundialInstalled on new wing of West Dean CollegeSue SnowdenUnknownBox 6
0290Earl of Brecknock’s son DrownedSix year old dies in Lodsworth House poolUnknown1976Box 6
0291Jill Gascoigne opens Village FeteDetails of stalls and activitiesUnknown1989Box 25
0292Selham Railway StationPlanning permission refusedUnknown1986Box 17
0293Selham Railway StationPlanning permission granted after 23 yearsUnknown1989Box 17
0294Jill Gascoigne at Lodsworth FeteWith three year old fancy dress winnerUnknown1989Box 25
0295Jill GascoigneBecomes a Patron of Observer Scanner AppealSue Snowden1989Box 5
0296Women’s Institute disbandsLodsworth, one of the oldest branches in the country, disbands after 61 yearsUnknownUnknownBox 24
0297Lady Nathan elected Joint MasterCowdray Hunt elects second woman Joint MasterUnknownUnknownBox 6
0298Sofa Workshop Ltd win planning approvalOffice plan by Sofa Workshop and Leconfield Estate gain narrow approvalUnknownUnknownBox 17
0299Watchdog Group set upFollowing row over sawmillUnknown1983Box 17
0300In days gone by’.Recollections of P. Boxall an 81 year oldP. Boxall1979Box 2
0301Parish Clerk’s integrity questionedMinutes covering proposed sawmill site challengedUnknownUnknownBox 17
0302Sawmill questions still unansweredLetter to Observer EditorUnknownUnknownBox 17
0303Sherlock family in LodsworthEnquiry from USAJames W SherlockUnknownBox 6
0304Church tapestryProgress report and exhibitionUnknownUnknownBox 8
0305Lodsworth News’, Observer featureTapestry / The Hollist Gulfing Society / Youth ClubAnnabel AbbottUnknownBox 8
0306Church tapestryFirst stitches by Ted HolmesAnnabel AbbottUnknownBox 8
0307The Inn Scene’. The Lickfold InnUnder licensees Craig and Sally Tyler, with photograph of Charlie ‘Cutter’ CoombesUnknown1980Box 18
0308Property pricesHigh demand for Lodsworth homes.UnknownUnknownBox 17
0309Scanner appealYard of Ale challenge at the HollistUnknownUnknownBox 18
0310Batch of house sale cuttingsLodsworth districtUnknownUnknownBox 17
0311Opening of Oakfield estateSir Derek Ezra plants a treeUnknownUnknownBox 17
0312Renovation of St Peter’s Church bells£10,000. projectUnknown1988Box 8
0313Peggy Martinale, bellringerSingle handedly ringing four bellsUnknownUnknownBox 8
0314Lodsworth Horticultural Society flower showShow report and resultsUnknown1977Box 15
0315Lodsworth Players AGMAGM ReportUnknown1986Box 16
0316Fund raising projects for village hall developmentParish Council ReportAnnabel AbbottUnknownBox 23
0317New village hall developmentFund Raising Update.UnknownUnknownBox 23
0318Lodsworth News’, Observer featureReprint of 1897 article re Village Jubilee Tree / New Village Hall ReportAnnabel AbbottUnknownBox 1
0319Parish Council reportLodsworth News’ in midhurst & Petworth ObserverUnknownUnknownBox 9
0320Diamond Jubilee of former village hallCecil Barnes “Golden Jubilee Notes”Unknown1987Box 20
0321Future of former village hallParish Council launch a studyJane Hunt1995Box 20
0322Former village hall annual meetingCall to revitalise hall to improve profitUnknown1985Box 20
0323Congregational burial ground and chapelMarion Osborn recollectionsMarion Osborn1956Box 11
0324Congregational burial ground and chapelJonathan D Warren recollectionsJonathan D Warren1956Box 11
0325Proud tribute to influential Midhurst sculptorPublication of Sally Hersh’s book ‘Practical Sculpture’ posthumouslyJane Hunt2011Box 6
0326Sally Hersh workshopHomes and Gardens PublicationUnknownUnknownBox 6
0610327Funeral service for Sally HershAt the South Downs Woodland Burial SiteTony Brooks2010Box 6
0328Lodsworth Croquet Club History File 1Comprehensive documentation covering introduction, lawn funding, planning approval, lawn design & construction, grand opening, matches & fixtures, pavilion north end and miscellaneousNumerous2012-2016Box 27
0329Lodsworth Croquet Club History File 2Comprehensive documentation covering pavilion funding, pavilion north end, pavilion south end and miscellaneousNumerous2012-2016Box 27
0330Connection of village hall to public sewerage systemCorrespondence, drawings, building control documentsNumerous2015Box 23