Blacksmiths & Wheelwrights

Lodsworth had at least five blacksmiths or wheelwrights, sometimes as separate businesses and sometimes combined. This might seem a large number for a small parish until one considers that these were the equivalent of modern vehicle servicing and repair businesses, keeping the horses shod and the carts and other transport in working order. Furthermore they provided a similar service for agricultural and other equipment.


Forge Cottage Blacksmiths ShopForge Cottage, LickfoldHenry Tribe (1841-1859), William Tribe (1851-1891), James Hughes (1899-1903), George Humphreys (1909-1911)3,4,5,6,7
Hollist Blacksmith’s ShopThe Hollist Arms, The StreetJames Gill (1841-1895), Richard Gill (1845-1878), Alfred James Gill (1890-1915), Frederick Gill (1899-1899), A G Gill (1929-1929)4,5,6,8
South Heath Blacksmith’s ShopSouth Heath Farm, SelhamWilliam Hills (1841-1861)4,5,6,7
Smithbrook WheelwrightsSmithbrook Cottage, SmithbrookJohn Stenning (1841-1890), William John Osborn (1911-1911)3,4,6,7
Wheelwrights & Smithy, The StreetThe StreetCharles Osborn (1895-1924), James Osborn (1930-1938)5