Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites

The following monuments and archaeological sites are listed in the Historic Environment Record (HER) which provides a summary of known historic assets. The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 provides for the preservation of such monuments and sites. Source:  Historic England
HER No.DescriptionOS map reference
CD1691Possible fishpond at Eel BridgeSU 9320 2310
CD1692Parkscape around Lodsworth HouseSU 9263 2295
CD1693Medieval deer park on both sides of the stream N. of Salmons BridgeSU 9384 2480
CD1723Gallows Hill, the site of the manorial gallows of the Liberty of LodsworthSU 9345 1847
CD1740Bowl barrow in Fitzlea WoodSU 9395 1973
CD1742Two Bronze Age barrows on Gallows HillSU 9347 1948
CD1794Site of Barnett’s watermillSU 9448 1958
CD1813Early Mesolithic site and prehistoric flint works in Fitzlea WoodSU 9390 1970
CD1832White sand quarry used for glass makingSU 9376 1957
CD2524Motte near Lodsbridge MillSU 9336 2103
CD2531Post-medieval bell-shaped mine pits on Leggatt HillSU 9310 2420
CD2532Post-medieval limekiln S. of Redlands FarmSU 9258 2380
CD2533Post-medieval limekiln S. of Lods BridgeSU 9353 2119
CD2534Post-medieval limekiln near Ambersham BridgeSU 9163 2128
CD2537Stone quarries used for the production of Iron Age querns in Vining CopseSU 9210 2350
CD2538Site of brickworks on S. side of Lodsworth CommonSU 9279 2443
CD2539Site of windmill south-west of Halfway BridgeSU 9284 2172
CD2540Site of watermill at Halfway BridgeSU 9311 2201
CD2542Glass making and sand pits on Lodsworth CommonSU 9259 2482
CD2545Brick kiln on west bank of stream north-west of RiverSU 9350 2320
CD2548Possible motte and bailey castle in what was known as ‘Smith’s Croft’ and/or ‘Old Orchard’SU 9269 2311
CD2549Limekiln to the east of Collins OrchardSU 9285 2215
CD2550Limekiln N. of Fitzlea FarmSU 9420 2000
CD3247Site of a chapel by St Peter’s churchSU 9310 2270
CD3253Possible terracing in Heathland copseSU 9205 2280
CD4044St Peter’s spring and wellSU 9309 2293
CD4434Site of congregational chapel, School LaneSU 9255 2338
CD4537Moated site, River Park FarmhouseSU 9419 2493
CD7460Limekiln in Furze Field, east of River Park FarmSU 9339 2477
CD7961Possible mill site at River Park FarmSU 9424 2500
CD8292Lime kiln in Limekiln RoughSU 9351 2387
CD8310Old saw pit in garden of Hill HouseSU 9264 2365
CD9965Small former deer park to the north of the Manor House and churchSU 9309 2345