Annual General Meeting February 2013

[slideshow gallery_id="2"]Photographs by Alistair Proctor

AGMs have a reputation for dullness. However, the LHS event provided members and their guests with the lively entertainment to which they have become accustomed. We of course had the formal event – the Chairman’s report of activities over the past year and plans for the coming one, the accounts and the election of the trustees – but the highlight of the evening was:

‘Twelve O’Clock Nob’ or Whatever happened to our neighbouring lost tithing of North Ambersham?
David Coward gave an informative and entertaining talk about the former tithing of North Ambersham which disappeared as an entity by 1916. David is an amateur local historian who has spent the past 15 years researching the area and its people: its history can be traced back to the times of the Anglo Saxons and Jutes in the 7th century. Ambersham, of which North Ambersham was a part, existed as an isolated part of Hampshire. Part of it at Bexley Hill is now incorporated into the parish of Lodsworth. David spoke about the people who have lived there and their properties, one of which can best be described as a house of ill repute!

We also had three displays:

  • David’s maps, documents and schedules about North Ambersham
  • An archive, recently discovered by Deryck Hamon, of photographs taken in the 1950s by the well-known photographer Donald Ashley Birkinstock
  • Recent photographs of Lodsworth people in front of their properties, taken as part of our Today is Tomorrow’s History project.

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