Lodsworth clergy

Although Lodsworth was a manor from a very early date, the church was not strictly a parish church, but a chapel attached to the Augustinian Priory of Easebourne.  Lodsworth was served by a priest from the Priory.6

After 1540 the priest serving Lodsworth was known as a ‘Perpetual Curate’. This title was retained well into the 19th century.

Lodsworth has always been a “poor” living: that is a parish which has small endowments. But many of the vicars in particular in the 19th century were rich men, so that the value of the stipend was immaterial to them.  Charles Leopold Stanley Clarke is a notable example.  He was vicar for 30 years.  He enlarged the already sizeable parsonage, and is reported to have had at least six servants in the house plus two full time gardeners, groom etc.

Another vicar Charles Chilver (1884-1901) could afford a carriage and pair, and provided himself with a curate who seemed to bear most of the parish burdens!

Several of the sermons of Rev. Serenus Barrett, the incumbent from 1739 to 1756, have been published and are available on Amazon. One is 94 pages long!

Many incumbents also had other talents.

Rev. Loraine Estridge (1880-84) was an artist who exhibited three landscapes in London in 1891 including this watercolour of St Peter Port and Castle Cornet, Guernsey.

Rev. William Connor Sydney (1919-20) had previously been a journalist, a contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and a prolific writer of textbooks on history. His books are still in university libraries around the World and are for sale on Amazon.

Basil Henry “Ixion” Davies, Curate of Lodsworth from 1920-26 was a journalist and broadcaster “as famous as … Jeremy Clarkson is to motoring now”. In 1905 he made his record motorcycle ride of 1279 miles in 6 days. In 1926, his was the first broadcast of a speedway meeting. In 1927 he made the first TT broadcast.

We don’t know the names of most of the visiting priests from the Priory, and even after its suppression, when the advowson had passed to Cowdray, it is difficult to find the names of the perpetual curates serving Lodsworth. There is an incomplete list in the church, but there is no complete roll such as found at Selham, where the names of the rectors are known from the 14th century.

The more extensive list of incumbents below is based on recent research using the sources listed.

William ColesChaplain13809
Robert BecamPriest15184,9
John Andrew/Andrews/Androw153615443,4,9
John Stannan15459
Roberte AustynCurate15482
Thomas RasteCurate15512
Roger Hynde/Hyde15514,9
Antor BrawmilesRector15539
John GroverCurate15539
Robertus/Robert BainbrigeCurate15542
Edmund LumbardeCurate15582
Thomas Doveer 15659
Henricus/Henry/Henri Lockett/LocketCurate156415922,4,9
M Tristram159316273,4,5,9
Lewes ThomasClerk15964,9
Thomas Meeles/Meoles/MeosesCurate159916062,4,9
Edwardus/Edward HillCurate/Minister161216442,3,4,9
Thomas StevensRector162716412,3,4,5,9
Richard Parry164616653,4,5,9
William Fetherstone/Feherston/FeatherstonCurate166216692,4,9
William Ackthorpe166517193
Thomas LoweCurate/Minister167016802,4,9
Thomas Barwick/BarwickeCurate168216842,9
Isaac Woodruffe/WoodrouffCurate/Minister168516952,4,9
Henry BakerCurate169117372,3,4.9
John BillCurate17384,9
Christopher Fox173817543
Will Powell/PowelCurate17404,9
Francis AtkinsCurate174117562,4,9
Serenus BarrettVicar/Minister/ Curate173917562,4,9
Edmund RobertsonCurate17469
James BailleyCurate17489
C BirkettCurate/Minister174917509
Thomas EdwardsCurate17529
Thomas JonesCurate17569
Joseph DaviesCurate/Minister175617619
Edward DaviesCurate17619
Thomas Atkins176117783,9
Robert RobsonCurate/Minister176117782,3,4,9,10
Walter IslipCurate/Minister177817952,3,4,5,9,10
David JenkinsCurate/Minister178518102,3,4,9
Francis WhitcombePerpetual Curate181018312,3,4,9
William JenkinsPerpetual Curate183118401,2,3,6,9
John George AshPerpetual Curate184018461,3,4,6,8,9
Charles Leopold Stanley ClarkePerpetual Curate184618761,4,5,6,8,9
William HaydonCurate184718511
Arthur Barwick SimpsonCurate185118571
Walter Francis Elgie18611863
John Padmore NobleCurate186318721
Samuel Bryan Crowther-BeynonVicar187718801,4,5,9
Loraine EstridgeVicar188018841,4,5,6,8,9
Charles Samuel ChilverVicar188419001,4,5,6,8,9
James Bridger PhilbyCurate18861
Leighton Brooke BarnettCurate188718971,9
James Arthur William BellCurate189719001,9
Edward Ord EdgellVicar190019181,3,4,6,9
Archibald Harvey RobertsonVicar191819191,3,4,6,9
William Connor SydneyVicar191919201,4,6,8,9
H H HirstVicar192019203,4,6,8,9
Basil Henry DaviesVicar192119261,4,6,8,9
James Thomas CollinsVicar192619401,4,6,9
George Henry GibsonVicar194019441,3,4,6,9
Reginald Francis Stutely AbbottVicar194419551,4,6,9
Wilfrid Leslie LambVicar195519621,3,4,6,9
John Howe GreeneVicar196219691,3,4,7,9
William Dudley DinnisVicar196919781,3,4,7,9
Norman Gowen MayPriest in Charge/Rector197819881,3,4,7,9
Dennis Henry Ronald CornishRector198919961,3,9
Jack Andrew LustedRector199720071,3,9
Derek Brian WelsmanRector20103
David CrookCurate20152019


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