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Can anyone identify the people in this wedding photograph and the date?
Can anyone identify the people in this wedding photograph and the date?

I have been preparing a family tree for my brother-in-law,  Mr O Carver. His father Harry Carver had a piece printed in Outlook showing who lived where in Lodsworth in 1912. He loaned me a photo of a wedding. I can put a name to some of the people but it would be nice if someone could identify anyone else in the photo, even if it is only the vicar. Any other information would be a nice. If you can help in anyway it would be nice to hear from you.

Brian Bales

Reply from LHS

The articles Harry Carver wrote for Outlook magazine in 1977 entitled Lodsworth in 1912 are reproduced on this website: click on the link to see them.  We also have scanned all the editions of Outlook from 1974 – soon this will extend to Outlook’s launch in 1963. A quick scan of these produced the following references which should be of interest:

  1. October 1987 edition – ‘Congratulations to Mr Harry Carver for being such a good artist’s model that his portrait ‘in little’ has been accepted for the Royal Miniature Painters’ Society Exhibition in London in October.’
  2. January 1889 page 2 and February 1889 page 4 The Memoirs of Harry Carver – see 50 Years of Outlook for the full articles.
  3. February 1997 edition – ‘We are sorry to hear of the death of Harry Carver whose funeral took place in Lodsworth on Friday, 17th January. His brother-in-law writes that he was one of the greatest fellows I have ever met. I knew his mother, she was a lovely lady, his father was a great character and kept what is called a Trencher-fed pack of Beagles. They lived on Lodsworth Common on the edge of Lords Wood in the cottage where Richard Dimbleby’s widow, now Mrs Travers, used to live. Harry had all the best genes of his parents and I felt honoured telling people he was my brother-in-law. F.G Ayling’