The Old House

Naldrett sketch of Old HouseI visited Lodsworth recently and while in the shop near the Hollist Arms learned about your heritage society.

My grandfather (father’s father) lived in the large, square Georgian house opposite to the lane leading down to the church and members of both my father’s and mother’s families (Naldrett and Latham) are buried in the churchyard, immediately up on the right once one enters the churchyard from the lane and before one gets to the monkey-puzzle tree.

On looking through her effects my sister Frances discovered a pen and ink sketch of the house made by my father in 1923. It shows the upper windows bricked-up. I can remember this from when I first saw the house, although they have since been unblocked.

You would be welcome to have a high quality copy of the sketch, and perhaps it would be useful for us to meet with someone from your society, so that you could pick our brains for anything else that might be interesting.

Neither of us met our grandparents because they died around 1930, and I was born in 1933 and my sister in 1935.

Professor Anthony J Naldrett