AGM Plus 2014

Some of the heritage gang!
Some of the heritage gang!

AGMs on their own are hardly appealing, so this year we promised that the “official business” would be dealt with in a proper but brief fashion, and that the major part of the evening would be devoted to something far more appealing (the ‘Plus’!). This worked very well. The Plus included:

  • Interesting stories Tony Brooks had unearthed while scanning 50 years of Outlook

    Alec Rogers shoe maker & repairer
    Alec Rogers shoe maker & repairer
  • Stories discovered during Derrick Turriff, Barry & Jill Norris and James Tree’s graveyard project
  • A few interesting documents Gillian & Tim Johnson had discovered while cataloguing our ever-expanding archives
  • Many people are contacting us through this LHS website and stories are emerging, including a beautiful account of life as a child in Kosy Cott (now Holliers)
  • E H Shepard's grave
    E H Shepard’s grave

    More seriously, a few of the sad stories emerging from the new joint LHS/Midhurst U3A project which is researching the lives of the casualties on Lodsworth’s WW1 war memorial.

We also showed a fascinating short film of life in the Lodsworth area 20 years ago. And, as always, we had a display of Lodsworth’s history.

In all a thoroughly interesting and at times entertaining evening.

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