Anne Felicity Hammick (1919-2006)

I have written a book of remembrance for Walhampton School including the biography of Roger Alexander Hammick who died in WW2 (tragically in a motorcar accident in Singapore, just after the Japanese surrendered).  His sister was Anne Felicity and his father was Admiral A.R. Hammick, both of the parish.

I wondered whether anybody there knew of the family and might tell me anything about them.  I know a fair amount, such as Admiral Hammick commanded HMS Sussex and Anne was in the Wrens, but you never know where these enquiries lead.

I should mention I am in touch with some of the family and am authorised in this endeavour (Sir Jeremy Hammick and his cousin Murray).

Yours, in historical curiosity,
Tom Pearson-Chisman

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  1. Donald Graham Park

    I read with interest your information on Roger Alexander Hammick on the Airborne Assault Paradata site. Roger and his sister are 7th cousins once removed of mine and I am interested if you have any other info re Anne Felicity. I would be most interested if you do and are willing to share it with me.

    Donald LCol (retd) Park
    in Calgary Alberta Canada

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