Farthing graves

I often lead walks through Lodsworth and pass the small private burial ground where several generations of the Farthing family are buried – I have searched various locations to find more information on the family and why they are buried there but to no avail – maybe someone can email me the answers.

Jenny Clark

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  1. An article published in Lodsworth’s village magazine Outlook in July 1982 described the graveyard you mention and the chapel that used to be beside it.

    If you go to ‘Lodsworth’s Past’ then ’50 years of Outlook’ on this website, you can browse all the editions of Outlook since 1963. There were relevant articles in July 1982 (Outlook 1982 07.pdf) , January 1995 and October 1998.

    The Farthing family were village shopkeepers and, although this chapel was referred to as a Congregational chapel, it is possible that it was in fact a Cokeler or ‘Society of Dependents’ chapel.

    Ian Buckingham

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