Origin of ‘Leggatt Hill’

I have extracted the attached list of Leggatt burials in the 16th to 19th centuries from the Lodsworth St Peter’s burial register. I assume that Leggatt Hill was named after this family but it could of course be the other way round.

James Tree LHS

LEGATE Catheren 1626 Feb 11   weif of Robert
LEGATE Gillia 1621 Feb 26   weif of Edward Legate of Rudland in Selham pish buried at Lodsworth
LEGATE Joane 1617 Sep 27   dau of William of Selham buried at Selham
LEGATE Joane 1634 Feb 16   old Joane Legate the dumbe woman att Oke
LEGATE Robert 1620 Nov 24   the elder
LEGATT Alice 1591 Mar 24   wyf of Robert
LEGATT Austen 1560 May 30    
LEGATT Bridgett 1591 Aug 03   wyf of Edward
LEGATT Elenor 1587 Jan 11   wyf of Everet
LEGATT Joane 1582 Jan 14   dau of Robert
LEGATT Thomas 1579 Oct 22    
LEGATT Thomas 1584   12   son of Robert
LEGATT Mary 1752 Feb 10   wid
LEGGAT Joane 1684 Jan 24   was buried in woolen as appears by an affidavit
LEGGAT Robert 1664 Apr 06    
LEGGATT Edward 1611 Sep 01    
LEGGATT Edward 1670 Jun 18    
LEGGATT Elizabeth 1610 Jul 08   dau of Roberte
LEGGATT John 1663 Oct 05    
LEGGATT John 1710 Jun 03    
LEGGATT John 1736 Apr 13    
LEGGATT Margaret 1703 Feb 23    
LEGGATT Mary 1668 Jan 20   widdow
LEGGATT Robert 1672 Jul 15   son of Robert
LEGGATT Robert 1692 Mar 22    
LEGGATT Sarah 1691 Apr 15    
LEGGATT Sarah 1719 Nov 09   widow
LEGGATT Edward 1611 Sep 01    
LEGGATT John 1755 Dec 05   son of John
LEGGATT Catherine 1769 May 13   wife of John
LEGGATT John 1780 May 26   Gent
LEGGATT Lucy 1843 Apr 14    
LEGGATT Martha 1844 Sep 04 22y  
LEGGATT Ruth 1864 Oct 09    
LEGGATT William 1872 Dec 20 79y  

2 thoughts on “Origin of ‘Leggatt Hill’”

  1. My thanks for your prompt response. In Norfolk a leggatt is an instrument used in thatching but I gather there are various origins for the name.

    Hugo Leggatt

  2. Catherine West

    Hello I have some Leggatt relatives. William Leggatt who was a cordwainer in Smithbrook from the 1861 census. His wife Frances and children. Clara Leggatt was my great grandmother.

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