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Hello, I’ve recently come across your site as I am researching my family from Lodsworth. My 3rd great grandparents were James Stevens (1833-1914) and Mary Ann Boxall (1832 – 84). I noticed on your ‘Posts’ page that a couple of members had posted about this family and they had photos of James and his father George. My 2nd great grandfather moved out of Lodsworth and into Godstone and most of the current family is still in that area. We don’t have any information on James or George at all so I was wondering whether these members had submitted their photos to you or whether you might know a way to put us all in contact as it’s been a long time since they both posted.

Also, I know Mary Ann Boxall and James are both in the chuchyard there and we have a photo of Mary Ann’s headstone but I was wondering whether you had any idea on which plot she is in? I have looked at your work for burials post 1900 and James is listed without a plot. Would this be because he has no headstone and/or because there are no parish records about his burial itself?

I was so happy to find your site and spent quite some time looking through everything. I will certainly be a regular reader now since at least 2 generations of my own family lived there throughout their lives. I’m planning on visiting soon so I’m looking forward to seeing the village.


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  1. Dear Andrea

    St Peter’s ‘upper’ or older churchyard contains 4 marked graves with the name Stevens:

    158 – Mary Ann STEVENS
    Abode: Lodsworth
    Location of grave: West of church
    Grave: Headstone leaning against tree stump
    “In memory of Mary Ann STEVENS
    wife of J. STEVENS
    who died March 9th 1884 aged 51 years”

    161 – George STEVENS
    Abode: Lodsworth
    Location of grave: West of church
    Grave: Headstone
    “In memory of George STEVENS
    who died December 2nd 1886 aged 60 years”

    103 – Jane STEVENS
    Abode: Lodsworth
    Location of grave: West of church
    Grave: Headstone
    “In memory of Jane the wife of William STEVENS who died April 1st 1887 aged 77 years
    Entered into rest”

    102a – William STEVENS
    Abode: Lodsworth
    Location of grave: West of church
    Grave: Headstone
    “In memory of William STEVENS
    who died May 8th 1890 aged 73 years
    Entered into rest”

    All the headstones are readable. I don’t know whether all are part of the same family. If you visit the churchyard, we have erected information boards with plans showing where the graves are. Also there are two volumes within the church with details of all the graves – the above information is extracted from them.

    The burial register contains many earlier Stevens: these are listed in one of the replies to an earlier Stevens post on our website. The register also records the interment of James Stevens of Vicarage Lane, Lodsworth on 20 August 1914 aged 81: it doesn’t record the location of his grave and there is no visible marker today. There have been no other Stevens burials after that date.

    We have a scan of photo supposedly of George Stevens. We don’t know from where this came or whether it was your George Stevens, and hence we can’t authenticate it..

    The various parts of the Boxall family feature over many years in the various records we have of the parish. I have never yet managed to sort them all out!

    I hope this is of use
    Ian Buckingham
    Lodsworth Heritage Society

  2. Andrea Williams

    Hi Ian,

    Thank you very much for your detailed response. The marked graves are all part of the same family so I shall definitely be along soon.

    It’s rather a shame about James Stevens’ grave not being marked any longer. Would there be an obvious reason why he was not buried alongside his wife – Mary Ann?

    Also, is the picture of George Stevens on this site somewhere? I’ve had a look but can’t find it. Would this be George Stevens (1826-1886) or his father George (1790s-1864)? There was a member here – David Stevens – on other posts called ‘THE STEVENS FAMILY OF LODSWORTH & EASEBOURNE’ and ‘STEVENS AND CARVER FAMILIES – CAN ANYONE HELP?’ who is also a descendent of George Stevens Senior and had a photograph of him. It has been a couple of years since these posts however so i’m not sure whether this was taken any further.

    Finally, I have only scratched the surface of the Boxalls so I have have a lot to do to trace Mary Ann’s relatives.

  3. Sarah Mackenzie

    Dear Andrea,
    The 1841 Census shows your family headed by George Stevens aged 45, ag.lab., at Lodsworth Common. On the same page, also aged 45, ag lab, is my ancestor William Stevens aged 45, at Smith Brook. I expect they were related but I haven’t gone further back yet.
    William’s son Henry [aged 8 in 1841, like your James] moved to Caterham eventually, 3 miles from Godstone, and his son Thomas stayed there, building his own house in Church Lane. My mother said Thomas made wind vanes as a hobby and they can still be seen in Godstone, she said.
    I have no photos of the 19th century Stevens.
    Good luck with your research.


    1. Andrea Williams

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much for replying. I will take a look at George Stevens. I had no idea about the Caterham connection but will also look into that. If I come across anything I will let you know.


      1. Sarah Mackenzie

        I look forward to hearing from you, Andrea. And if I find anything new I will let you know – not that I have much spare time for research at the moment!


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