The Randall family of Lodsworth Stores

The Randalls, who ran the Lodsworth stores, were Dependant Brethren (also called Cokelers). They were members of the sect in Northchapel when James was just married to Charlotte Ayling of Wisborough Green – her father William was one of the oldest Dependants, having been born before the sect’s founder, John Sirgood, who was born in 1821.

The stores in Lodsworth became a minor centre of the sect and several of those who lived there (Mary Bridger) or visited there (Emily Hughes 1911) over the years were Dependants. It is probable that some of their elders may have preached in Lodsworth. I do not know of any other adherents in the village.

I have a delightful photo of Charlotte in her bath chair with her daughter, Jemima. (See Photograph gallery – People)

Taken from a email from:
Roger Nash, Chairman, Rudgwick Preservation Society