The Old Nursery

I notice in the recent Outlook magazine that you are looking for information about the village around the WWII years. My Mum, Audrey Webb nee Chandler, spent a lot of time with her grandparents Robert & Marie Budd in The Nurseries (now The Old Nursery), before, during and after the war. She was living in Bromley and visited regularly and remembers that “it didn’t feel as if a war was on, and was so lovely to sleep at night in a real bed”! Regarding ‘Miss O’ she thinks that her name was Osborn and that she was a teacher.

We notice from the photos on the website that you have one of her grandfather, Robert Budd and her Great Uncle Willie (Mr Lovell)! We have some more photos of the village which may be of interest, although I did send them some time ago to James Fisher and Victoria Anderson.

We keep up to date with village events via Outlook and have visited the village several times as Mum has such fond memories.

Sue Lloyd