Unusual nicknames in early 20th century Lodsworth

We keep finding unusual, often humorous nicknames of past residents of the parish. Many of these appear strange to us today: they would certainly not be accepted as “politically correct” in modern Britain:

Tubby Rogers, who won the Everett chess cup in 1933
Winkle Ayling, the Lickfold baker, also known as the Bun King. Nicknamed “Winkle” because as a boy he was so small he had to get into the manger to put the pony’s halter on
Bumper Ayling
Weary Will Hammond pictured in the Hollist playing shove ha’penny
Double Ugly Rapson, who had a long white beard
Ratty Carver the rat catcher
Bob Sixpence Tanner, carter to Mrs Rose

Were these nicknames really in common use at the time? Can anyone explain the more unusual ones? Were there any other interesting ones?

Ian Buckingham & James Tree