The Stevens family of Lodsworth & Easebourne

I have been tracing the Stevens family. Various branches seemed to live in Lodsworth in the early 19th century. I have traced my great-great-great grandfather  George Stevens who was born in Lodsworth in 1793. We have a photograph of him. His mother was Jane Stevens.  There are earlier entries in the Easeborne parish register but I am struggling to link them together. Are there any members of your Society who may be interesting in helping?

Kind regards

David Stevens

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  1. Dear David,

    Thanks for the enquiry. I can tell you that a George Stevens appears in Lodsworth’s burials register: Stevens, George, 13 November 1864, Aged 71. The dates match yours so it does look as though this is indeed your relative. I am also listing all the Stevens in the pre-1900 burial register:

    Surname ForenameYear Month Day Age Other

    STEVENS William 1792 Nov 08
    STEVENS Henry 1809 Sep 23 bb s Jane
    STEVENS Sarah 1821 May 01 7m
    STEVENS Judith 1826 Mar 12 3y
    STEVENS Judith 1827 Mar 12 3y
    STEVENS John 1832 Aug 11 4y
    STEVENS Elizabeth1841 Apr 08 6y
    STEVENS Thomas 1843 Nov 06 inf
    STEVENS Mercy 1845 May 13 inf
    STEVENS William 1846 Apr 23 57y
    STEVENS Francis 1848 Feb 15 11y
    STEVENS Thomas 1848 Sep 14 16y
    STEVENS James 1849 Feb 08 18y
    STEVENS Ann 1850 Jun 20 52y
    STEVENS James 1850 Dec 14 11y
    STEVENS Harriet 1853 Aug 14 17y
    STEVENS John 1853 Dec 24 26y Tillington
    STEVENS Fanny 1853 Dec 29 15y
    STEVENS Judith 1860 Jan 03 80y Tillington
    STEVENS William 1860 Oct 28 35y Tillington
    STEVENS George 1864 Nov 13 71y
    STEVENS Mary Ann1884 Mar 14 51y
    STEVENS George 1886 Dec 06 60y
    STEVENS Jane 1887 Apr 09 77y
    STEVENS William 1890 May 12 73y

    Kind regards,
    James Tree

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