Lodsworth Stores in the 1950s

While visiting my mother’s grave (Hazel Bowers), I had a pleasant chat with Mrs Tree and she mentioned the Heritage Society.

My family owned Lodsworth Stores during the 50s. Born in 1955, I lived at Primrose Cottage up to the age of three.   I do have an image of the stores and a few family images. Please let me have an email and it would be a pleasure to forward the images.

Best regards
Nick Bowers

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  1. Nick
    We would be very interested in any photos you have both of the Stores and of your family. As you may have seen on our website, we have many Lodsworth photos but even more gaps!

    Over the past year I have been researching all the businesses that have existed in the parish, including the many shops. We have reasonable records of the early history of the Stores but surprisingly our information becomes sketchier in the 20th century even though many of its customers are still in the village. The information on proprietors I have so far is below:

    From To Surname First names

    1841 1841 MarshallHenry
    1866 1877 Horne John
    1878 1916 Randall James
    1916 1947 Randall John
    1947 Boxall
    1957 1961 Clark Les
    1961 1978 Smith Barry & Jean
    1978 1984 Walsh Charles & Dorrie
    1985 1986 Kinchin C E (Mr & Mrs)
    1986 1989 Horton NW & Mark A

    There are clear gaps in the 1950s. Anything you can add to this would be very welcome.
    If you are willing, I will add this conversation to the posts on our website so that we can see whether others can add more information.

    Ian Buckingham
    Lodsworth Heritage Society

  2. Hi Ian

    Thank you for the prompt reply.

    Since my parents are no longer with us some details may be slightly sketchy, but I will check dates with my sister and come back to you.

    For now, please find the attached image of the Stores which must have been taken around the time of QE II’s Coronation.

    Best regards
    Nick Bowers

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