Sarah Fo(a)rd of Petworth & Lodsworth

Re: Sarah Fo(a)rd, born in 1800 in Petworth and buried on 29/06/1894 in Lodsworth aged 94 years.

Please could you advise if any monumental inscriptions exist? I have visited the churchyard previously and did not manage to locate the grave.

Her sister Mary Ann Fo(a)rd was born in 1802 in Petworth and died on 13/12/1871. Death was due to bronchitis and shock caused by spirit of turpentine administered in error by sister Sarah! This was reported in a local paper. An inquest was held at The Hollist Arms.

Neither sister had married and in 1851 they were both living in Lodsworth. Mary was buried at Tillington with her parents, Richard Ford who had married Sarah Pratt in 1793.  Sarah left £3144 5s 8d in her will – probate to Alfred Holt and Eliza Dearling.

I am possibly related via Richard Ford who may have married Mary Boxall whilst still married to Sarah. I hope this small amount of information may be of interest and  I would like to locate Sarah’s grave if at all possible.

Many thanks
Lesley Fairman

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  1. Dear Lesley,

    Our graveyard listings show the following Foards, one being the Sarah you mention. As you have implied the headstones may or may not exist, but there is a good chance that Sarah’s, being more recent, may have been listed in the 1960s when a full listing of those visible was recorded.

    FOARD Ann 1826 Feb 15 23y Lodsworth St. Peter PAR SSX 867326 burial entry
    FOARD Sarah 1894 Jun 29 94y Lodsworth St. Peter PAR SSX 868092 burial entry

    For your information, Boxall is a rather common name in Lodsworth . Over 80 listings appear in our burial records!

    As to Eliza Dearling, we have:

    DEARLING Eliza 1855 Mar 03 21y Lodsworth St. Peter PAR SSX 867645 burial entry

    but there are no Holts.

    Your story of Richard Ford marrying Mary Boxall, whilst being married to Sarah is intriguing!

    If you would like to do some more research on dates applicable to all the names, I can have another look.

    Finally, would you be so kind as to let us know when and where you were born, and if you have any other connections to our village apart from the information in your email.

    Kind regards,
    James Tree
    Lodsworth Heritage Society

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