Old Brickyard


We moved in to Old Brickyard last year and would really love to find out more about the history of the house and the brick kiln. We met a few of you at the summer fair at the church last year and you already told us lots of little bits of information so we would love to meet you and find out more.

At the moment we are doing a small amount of work in the garden and have discovered a stone circle at the back, made of huge old stones and in the middle is a sunken bit with old bricks… I am wondering what this used to be and if it is very old. It had been covered by a new’ish concrete pond and completely overgrown and we would like to cover this area over and lay grass, but of course not if this is something special … would you be able to help find out at all?

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kat and Ivo Fiennes
Old Brickyard

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  1. Kate & Ivo

    In our archive we have an approx. 30 minute sound recording of Molly Bentall describing her ‘Memories of living in The Old Brickyard’. This includes her talking about what she found in the garden. We also have some photos of the Spooner family at the brickyard which you have probably seen on our website.

    November 2005’s Outlook (which you can access through this website) includes a fairly detailed obituary of Molly Bentall. Also the earlier November 1986 edition of Outlook reported that Molly would be speaking at the next ‘Get Together’ about ‘Past inhabitants of the Old Brickyard on Lodsworth Common’.

    Maybe readers of this blog can help further.
    Ian Buckingham
    Lodsworth Heritage Society

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