Warner, Soane, Rapson family link

I was wondering if you had any information on a link between the Soane and the Rapson Families.

My Grandparents Wilfred Thomas Warner & Rose Lily Warner are buried in Lodsworth and I have been gathering information on our family tree,  my family all come from Lodsworth and Lurgashall, and my Gradndad built a house on Selham road Halfway Bridge.

Rob Warner

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  1. Hi Rob

    I am sending you two spreadsheets. One is an extract of our database of Lodsworth burials from 1557 to date. The other is an extract of our database of Lodsworth monumental inscriptions. You will see there have been some 35 Rapson burials, the Warner ones you listed, plus various Ede, Eade, Eede and Eeed ones. We have no records of Soane burials. The other spreadsheet has Warner and Eede graves but no Rapson ones.

    Other sources worth looking at – Rapsons featured prominently in Lodsworth in all the published censuses. Sussex Family History Group has a website with almost all Sussex christenings and burials up to 1900. To access this you need to become a member. It also publishes CDs of christenings, marriages and burials up to 1900.

    Our parish magazine Outlook has a number of articles of interest:

    a. August 1965: Obituary of George Ede of Lodsworth Common
    b. November 1968: Obituary of Wilfred Thomas Warner 1891-1968
    c. July 1977: Mr & Mrs Warner move from Church Lane to Halfway Bridge
    d. August 1977: ‘Double Ugly’ Rapson lived in 1 Oak Tree Cottages, Leggatt Hill, Lodsworth in 1912.

    I hope these will help your research. Please let us know how you get on.
    Ian Buckingham
    Lodsworth Heritage Society

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thank you for the spreadsheets. I have manged to trace another family member of the Rapson’s and they have confirmed we have a link at the line I have on my tree. It would seem my line was missing on everyone tree. Thanks again for all your help.

      Kind Regards


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