Thomas Burchell born c1830 & Joseph John Burchell born 1858

Looking for any information regarding my ancestors who lived and possibly worked in Smithbrook, Lodsworth in the 1850 – 1900’s as either shoemakers or nursery/gardeners.

Elizabeth Burchell

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  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    The name Burchell appears in a number of Lodsworth’s records. Our burials register mentions four which I list below. One name has a different spelling, but is included anyway, as human error has tended to be a common occurrence in many registers.

    Burchall Horace Llewellyn 1936 8 12 46 Lodsworth
    Burchell Luke 1828 9 12 26y Petworth
    Burchell George 1934 11 1 73 Lodsworth
    Burchell Hilda 1972 8 15 86 Died Midhurst Cottage Hospital, Easbourne

    Turning to Joseph John Burchell, click on or associated website:

    If you then search on ‘Burchell’, you will find the story of one of Joseph John’s sons, Rifleman Sidney Burchell, who died whilst a prisoner of war in WW1. The story gives some details of his parents and siblings, particularly under the headings ‘Family background’ and ‘Subsequent family history’. Sidney Burchell is on the war memorial in St Peter’s church, here in Lodsworth.

    In return, I wonder what information you have about the family while they were here in Lodsworth? We are particularly interested in your mention of Smithbrook, which is a small clutch of houses situated at the North end of the village. Do you have any details as to which house they may have lived in and when? Perhaps some photographs? There were a number of orchards in the village so your information as to their employment is undoubtedly accurate.

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. We would be most interested to hear from you with whatever information you may have.

    James Tree

  2. Dear James,

    Thank you so much for your information. Yes it ties up a few more members of the family. Unfortunately we do not have any photos and in the census returns the address is only listed as Smithbrook.
    Should I find any more information, I will certainly share it with you.
    I would just like to say that your website is brilliant. Easy to use and so full of information.

    Thanking you,
    Elizabeth Burchell

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