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Moorland Farm & Mrs Jane Hills

Hello I am researching my family tree and the daughter of my 3rd great grandfather, Lawrence William Caesar, was Jane Caesar born 1850 in Alton. She married William Hills a farmer at Moorland farm in Lodsworth. I would be very interested in any information about the Hills and their farm. Jane Hills (Caesar) had a cousin called Julius Caesar who was a famous cricketer from Godalming in Surrey. He played for England. Many thanks for your time.

Tim Waters

Old Brickyard


We moved in to Old Brickyard last year and would really love to find out more about the history of the house and the brick kiln. We met a few of you at the summer fair at the church last year and you already told us lots of little bits of information so we would love to meet you and find out more.

At the moment we are doing a small amount of work in the garden and have discovered a stone circle at the back, made of huge old stones and in the middle is a sunken bit with old bricks… I am wondering what this used to be and if it is very old. It had been covered by a new’ish concrete pond and completely overgrown and we would like to cover this area over and lay grass, but of course not if this is something special … would you be able to help find out at all?

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kat and Ivo Fiennes
Old Brickyard

Warner, Soane, Rapson family link

I was wondering if you had any information on a link between the Soane and the Rapson Families.

My Grandparents Wilfred Thomas Warner & Rose Lily Warner are buried in Lodsworth and I have been gathering information on our family tree,  my family all come from Lodsworth and Lurgashall, and my Gradndad built a house on Selham road Halfway Bridge.

Rob Warner

Tathams of Lickfold

I don’t know if you or the Society will be able to help me on this one..

There has been an announcment in the Telegraph for a service of thanksgiving in Midhurst church on 12/4/17 for a Nigel Tatham. It is not a very common name and there used to be a Canon and Mrs Tatham who lived at Jocks Lodge, Lickfold. He died before I was born. I was really too young to remember much about her, only that she gave me a very tiny jug and told my mother that I was to look after it. I have certainly done that as I still have it. I was six when we moved from Colliers Cottages, Lickfold to Fernhurst.

Just a thought. I wondered if Nigel was any relation

Kind regards
Kathleen Bird

The Stevens family of Lodsworth & Easebourne

I have been tracing the Stevens family. Various branches seemed to live in Lodsworth in the early 19th century. I have traced my great-great-great grandfather  George Stevens who was born in Lodsworth in 1793. We have a photograph of him. His mother was Jane Stevens.  There are earlier entries in the Easeborne parish register but I am struggling to link them together. Are there any members of your Society who may be interesting in helping?

Kind regards

David Stevens

Lamb’s Notes for a History of Lodsworth

Hello I am wondering if you may be able to help me with some family history. I recently discovered with great excitement that I am a direct decendant of the Dennett family who I believe were the owners of Woodmancote Place near Henfield for some generations.  I understand this is not far away from Lodsworth.

I was very interested in Lamb’s notes which refer to the Dennett family – I believe that they are branches of my own family from Woodmancote –  and also the source of information he refers to as Mullens Harrison Esq .

I was wondering if you could help with any further information or at least point me in the right direction!

I look forward to you reply.
With many thanks.
Carol Metcalf

Amendments to graves listing

I have one amendment and one addition for your list:

Amendment – Budd, Marie Francoise died in SKETTY not Skitty (small point I know).

Addition – her husband is buried with her – ROBERT BUDD, b. 1864 d. 30 Oct 1929

So like looking at this site as the above were great grandparents and my Mum, Audrey (nee Chandler) talks so fondly of her time with them in the Old Nursery.  Keep up the good work!

Sue Lloyd

Lodsworth Stores in the 1950s

While visiting my mother’s grave (Hazel Bowers), I had a pleasant chat with Mrs Tree and she mentioned the Heritage Society.

My family owned Lodsworth Stores during the 50s. Born in 1955, I lived at Primrose Cottage up to the age of three.   I do have an image of the stores and a few family images. Please let me have an email and it would be a pleasure to forward the images.

Best regards
Nick Bowers